Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rome- Day 2- Part 1

*Beware* This could be a long post!

Our second day in Rome, we did the Vatican tour and went to the Colloseum, Roman Forum, Palentine Hill, and anything else we walked upon while going from stop to stop.

I definitely did my research for this one and booked a nice tour that would pace us through the Vatican City walls. I did a good job because our tour consisted of less than 20 people. I know this sounds like a lot, but we saw other tours that had 60 to 100 people in them. This place was packed, so I could not imagine being in a tour that big. Our tour guide spoke really good English and was humorous, too. He picked out the things that most people find interesting and made it about a 4 to 5 hour tour. We met him at the yellow stone wall outside of the Vatican City State. He brought us to a nearby cafe, which was friendly, and gave us some information, our speakers, and a little about what we would be doing. We headed out for the Vatican Museum and as we are walking, we began to see the line to get in. Oh my goodness! This line was forever long. Like seriously, it took up several blocks, and probably took people 4 or so hours to get in. It was ridiculously long. At this time, I am realizing I made a smart move by booking us a tour. 

So we finally get in and this place is huge! Obviously, it is very huge. Our tour guide showed us around, brought us through the museums, courtyards, showed us the different sculptures and galleries of paintings, tapestries, and maps. We also saw the Basilica, Sistine Chapel, and the Crypts of the Popes (which is located underneath the basilica). Mr. Man and I loved it. The guide gave us tons of information, and we were able to soak it all in, take tons of pictures, and enjoy it. That is exactly what we did. 

Now, just so you know.. most places did not allow cameras, and when they did, you were not allowed to use the flash. So I will add some pictures of the tour, but please keep this in mind.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Entrance to the museum.
One of the courtyards.
Another courtyard.
One of the sculptures in the courtyard.

One of the galleries.
A ceiling.
A floor.
This Jesus looks at you no matter where you are in the room.
The map gallery.
A tapestry.
A painting on the wall.
This is where important people walk. Also the same place where the Pope walks every Wednesday morning for the Papal Audience.
Mr. Man drinking from the fountain.
The Swiss Guard.
Mr. Man and I in front of the fountain.
St. Peter's Square.
Looking from St. Peter's Square.

Please forgive me for all the pictures. It is too hard to decide which ones to post.


  1. Wow. I want a uniform like that! I studied about the Vatican in Art History. I would LOVE to go one day

  2. Oh how beautiful! So jealous. I am so in love with Europe's history and architecture. Mr. Superman is more obsessed than me. We'd kill for a trip. How fun!


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