Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Game for Me:

So, I wanted to start this up while Mr. Man was still away. I thought I would do it as my 50th blog post because at that post, I hit 50 followers. Well, things got hectic, and I never had the opportunity to post it and start it. Now I can, and now I will!

This little game is about 50 adjectives that describe me and my life. I chose 50 because at 50 posts on my blog, I hit 50 followers. 50 was the lucky number at that point. I'm almost positive there is more than 50 adjectives that can describe me, but I will chose 50 for now and see how it goes. 

Basically, what I am going to do is tell you the 50 adjectives that I plan on blogging about. These 50 adjectives will be listed in this post. I will write about one or two per week until I have used all 50 of them. This is mostly for myself, and to find how I view life, more positively or negatively; more serious or humorous; etc. This will also be a great way for you to get to know me. 

I will also add in the antonym of each adjective (if it is appropriate and fits my lifestyle at any point). For example, if I talking about love.. I will talk about hate. Whether it is things I love, things I hate. Another example is if I discuss being focused, I will most likely discuss my not so focused moments... which I am an ADD child! 

For me, this will be fun to go back and read to see how how I have grown and see how I view things. For you, hopefully this will allow you to get to know me better and add some spark into my blogging! (Because we all know I need it!)

When I travel, I will probably not have the opportunity to do this, so please bare with me. You all will know when I am traveling, so just keep that in mind.

Let the game begin!

The 50 adjectives I have chosen are (in no specific order):
1. Loving
2. Loyal
3. Honest
4. Focused
5. Optimistic
6. Self-disciplined
7. Open-minded
8. Competive
9. Sensitive
10. Adventurous
11. Responsible
12. Flexible
13. Passionate
14. Easy going
15. Upbeat
16. Emotional
17. Devoted
18. Independent
19. Realistic
20. Reliable
21. Active
22. Fun
23. Traditional
24. Generous
25. Bubbly
26. Spontaneous
27. Organized
28. Curious
29. Friendly
30. Sentimental
31. Appreciative
32. Positive
33. Introverted
34. Creative
35. Sarcastic
36. Supportive
37. Trustworthy
38. Faithful
39. Grateful
40. Selfish
41. Unique
42. Happy
43. Energetic
44. Strong
45. Brave
46. Hard-working
47. Anxious
48. Joyful
49. Religious
50. Family Oriented

I will write about these in this order, as well. It will be easier to check them off as I write about them. I hope you enjoy reading and following along with me as I find myself through adjectives!


  1. Um, love this idea! You my dear, do not need spark either. You're Cajun remember...? Duh, I shouldn't have to remind you about things like that. I seriously can't wait to read all these though, so much fun!

  2. What a great idea! Wow, I could NEVER come up with 50 adjectives describing myself. I guess that means I'm pretty boring. I think this is a fantastic way to get to know yourself. Have fun, and I look forward to reading all about you!


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