Friday, May 14, 2010

Episode #1:

I want to post this before we head out for the day. Yesterday, we had a hilarious (!!!) episode here in the house. Of course, it was because of something I did. So I thought I would share.

I have been trying to finish washing all of Mr. Man's things from his deployment. His bedding just smelled musky, so I decided to go ahead and wash it. I was changing it from the washer to the dryer. He was watching dinner for me while I did this. So I always put in a dryer sheet when I know things are going to be stored away for a long period of time. When I reached for the box of dryer sheets, the box fell behind the dryer. The hole behind the dryer is just large enough for something small and just the right size to fall in. Obviously, dryer sheet boxes are small. It is also just big enough for me to squirm my way through it from the top of the dryer. This is where my "deployment independence" sets in. But I guess my brain never registered. So, I climb on top of the dryer. At this point, Mr. Man hears me. I ask him for help, but he told me to hang on. Well, I just did not have time to hang on. Why? I really do not know other than that I knew I have gotten some things from behind the dryer before, like clothes and things. Nothing all the way down the bottom though. And we all know I am short. 

So what happens next?
I squirm my way behind the dryer to grab the box of dryer sheets. It was easier than I expected until I hit the bottom. I went head first. I grab the dryer sheets with one hand and realize that I can not squirm my way back up it because one hand has the dryer sheets and the majority of my weight in down in the whole. Great! At this point, I am giggling. I tried putting the box of dryer sheets in my mouth. (I just bit the tab.) Still with two hands, I could not do anything. Now I am laughing my heart out. I am laughing so hard that I fall further in. Now, I am screaming at Mr. Man to come help me. When he sees what  happened, all he could do was laugh. I am still laughing, too. But when he laughs he puts his head on my butt and is laughing hard! So his shaking pushes me farther in. Great! So we are both giggling about it, but it is starting to hurt me because my hip bone is jammed into the corner of the washer. So (while I am laughing) I start screaming! I was in so much pain. Actually I have a huge bruise from it. So anyway, Mr. Man tries to pull me out, but he can not because he is laughing too hard. I am squirming every which way (while the dryer sheets box is in my mouth) trying to make my hip go somewhere else. It hurt!! So finally Mr. Man stands on the washer (good thing he is not too tall) and pulls me by my feet straight up out of the hole. 

We both sat there on top of the washer and dryer and laughed for a good 10 minutes. We were both laughing so hard that we are crying. It was beyond hilarious!! Like, hilarious does not even begin to describe how funny it was. Now everytime I think  back, I laugh so darn hard. I am laughing as I type this right now. All Mr. Man could say afterward was, "What if I was still deployed?" Oh gosh, what would I have done then?


  1. hahaha thank you for posting this! I just laughed out loud! What a fun memory to have! :) I'm so glad your man is back safe and sound.

  2. OMG! Hilarious!! :) I'm so glad I got to wake up to this story. :)

  3. HAHAHAH!! That is too funny!!!

  4. I can picture that in my head, hilarious! It's moments like those that we remember =)

  5. I can picture this. This has happened to me too. Only I'm taller and a little wider than you so I got STUCK. So funny!

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  7. Yikes! The adventures you can have while doing the wash - well at least you had fun and a story for the books...or blog. Hi! I'm here from the FF blog hop and your newest follower. I like your style of writing, so I'll like coming here.

    Hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.


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