Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kindred Connection and My Shopping Spree:

Yesterday was the day where Mr. Man took me shopping. He was really patient and did a wonderful job. I was very impressed. Not to mention, as we were walking around shopping, he was throwing things into my bag for me to try on (all of which 2 items, I absolutely loved!). I was in the dressing room for a long time exchanging things in and out (while Mr. Man held my bags), and it was a success. I came home with two huge bags full of goodies and a big smile on my face. I got some shorts, dresses, shirts, belts, shoes, panties (again!!), leg warmers, leggings, blue jeans, etc. I got a whole lot of stuff. Actually, I got so much stuff that I have to go buy new hangers now. Now that's the kind of shopping I love and adore. 

I did try to get Mr. Man to buy a couple of things, but he just was not interested. But I did try. I promised one day we would go just for him! And on that time, we are going to go eat some sushi while we are at it.

Oh, and on a good note. I only spent half of what I brought with me. I never once looked at prices and I just tried on what I wanted and went from there. I came home with about 40 new items and a couple of them were pairs of things. Like I bought these really cute long sundresses. They are fitted with a cute design, some were flowery, some were striped. I got the stripes. A pink and white and a pastel-ish orange one came together. No complaints there. I would show you pictures, but I have already put everything away. 

Next is.... Today is Wednesday, which means..

Windy Poplars

The goal is to meet people that you have common interests with. It really could be from anything from gardening, cooking, crafting to family life, faith, and life experiences. If you want to join in, just click the picture above and it will take you straight to the Kristen @ Windy Poplars. From there, follow the guide and get moving!

1. How do you most like to entertain during the summer (pool party, picnic, cookout, etc.)? - Or if your situation doesn't allow for entertaining right now, what do you look forward to being able to host?
Let's see... I really enjoy a day out on the beach with the BBQ pits. I also love sipping on cold drinks, like the homemade flavored water, while being out by the pool with friends and family. A lovely crawfish/crab/shrimp boil out by the pool would be nice, too. I have not had any of these things in over 2 and a half years, so I will get back to reality. 
Here, I enjoy being some type of host. Normally for events, Mr. Man and I will cook out. He normally handles the grill while I handle the Cajun foods inside, such as gumbo or jambalya. We sit out with out friends and go to the different events around here and come right back to our home to finish off the night. That is about all our outside entertainment consists of for now.

2. Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?
I do actually. Here, I love their ice cream. If you ask them, they will say they love Blue Bell. But I; however, disagree. I am not an ice cream person, but something about their ice cream draws me in. In the states, it was always the fruit popsicles. If I'm not dieting or watching my figure, bring me a nice and yummy strawberry cheesecake!

3.What is your best outdoor summer date idea?
Mr. Man and I love to go out to the beach with our boy and lay a blanket out. We normally picnic then walk around some. We mostly lay around on the beach, which isn't anything like we are use to. I wish this place allowed for more outdoor activities because I love being outdoors! Which reminds me, we are going a bike riding trip soon. We haven't done that around here yet.

4. Share any outdoor decorating tips/ideas you have... 
I do not have a green thumb at all. I wish I did. I try so hard. I love the daffodils and poppy's that are all over the place here. I tried last year to make our garden look all nice and pretty, but I failed miserably. So this year, we decided not to even try.

5. What will we find you wearing most in the summertime?
 I love summer dresses, capris, and blue jeans shorts. If you asked me this while I was in the states, I would say my bikinis! I have a gazillion of them, but I have worn them a total of 2 times in the past 2 years. I know, horrible, huh? I also love flip flops. I love when it is flip flop season here because my toes need some breathing room by that time.


  1. I just came across your blog!! I love me some Cajun food! I am an AF wife originally from South AR. I miss me a good ole crawfish boil!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for joining in the party today :-) - relaxing on the beach w/ your man and the pooch - that sounds wonderful to me! What is the ice cream like over there? Do they have gelato? Or is that just Italian? In which case I'm sure you'll have your fill in just a few weeks! Woohoo!!! Sorry-I'm excited about your trip to Italy too :-) We're Wii lovers too! Wish you lived next door, we could have tournaments and everything! Ha! - Oh, and your shopping trip girl. Wow. Sounds like you cleaned up! Can't wait to see pics of all that cuteness you found. My luck is always: when I actually have money to spend (and time to shop), I can never find a thing I like. It's ridiculous. The opposite is true to: no money - I love everything I see! Ah, well... Better run for now. Talk to ya later dearie!

  3. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at my blog. :)


  4. PS-Thanks for checking in at the exercise club!

  5. I keep missing it. Bah! I am so envious of your glorious shopping! Oh la la I love shopping.


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