Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Follow and Other Fun:

Friday Follow

Today I had another goofy moment. I am an American. I currently live in another country. I sometimes forget this. Like today, when we were out and about sightseeing, doing the family thing, I decide to leave my brain in the car. I bought something at a gift shop. I did not need the receipt because it was something small and I paid cash for it. So I ask the cashier if she has "trash", meaning if she had a trash can with trash to throw the receipt away. Well she was a little old lady, and he reply was, "Do I have what?" About that time, I realized what I had said and just nicely took the receipt and said Thank you. After Mr. Man and I got outside, we started rolling. I could not believe I had just did that! I have been in this country for over 2 years, and I totally forgot that they say "rubbish" and not "trash"!! Oh well, it was funny.

We did have a good day out and about. It was a day just for Mr. Man and myself. We went to a town nearby and just walked it. We came across a nice Cathedral and a Hall, so we stopped at both of those places. I will post a couple of pictures when I edit them. Mr. Man was the one taking pictures.... this go round.

Tomorrow is a day filled with shopping to get the things for our Italy trip!! Only 16 more days!


  1. I am following from follow friday and wanted to say hello! Stop by and visit and even follow if you like:)

  2. Now following from FF. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. That is really funny! I think my biggest thing would be language if we got PCS'ed somewhere overseas. Nonetheless very funny my dear :)

  4. I remember making a similar mistake during my one trip out of the country. Sounds like a fun day for you and Mr. Man. Happy Friday Follow!



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