Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help Me Support a Fellow Blogger!

One of my blogger friends at Flip Flops and Combat Boots is hosting a giveaway for reaching her 200th post. You should totally check out her blog. If you do, tell her I (Mrs. Ma'am) sent you! It helps get me more entries. You do the same and you can get more entries, too :)

She is also a Avon Representative and just started building her business. I am a Avon lover. It's inexpensive and good quality. They are constantly having some sweet deals. Who doesn't like sweet deals? Be sure to check out her Avon store, too. You can check it out here! Buy, buy, buy!

Go to her blog for more details on her giveaway. See if you are interested in her blogging style and become her follower. Let's try and get her 200 followers with her 200th post!!

I will be back a little later to write a regular blog for the day! Hope your Hump Day is going fabulous!

And thanks to all of you that have recently giving me blog awards. I have not forgot about them, and I do greatly appreciate them. I do, I promise! I will try to post all of them before I head out on vacation.


  1. Enjoy your travels. My husband is retired Air
    Force, and I am so glad for that. Where else could you get a Mac hop overseas for under $10 huh. Well that was years ago, but it was still a wonderful adventure. Thank you for letting me visit.


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