Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ickworth Park and Gardens

 Here is some pictures from one of our many family adventures while Mr. Man was off.
They had some beautiful flowers. These were my favorite.

There was so much wide open space for us to picnic and let our boy run around.

Here is one of the many bridges we had to cross over to get to different areas of the land.

Our boy got tired quite quickly, so he would stop for breaks in the shade from the trees.

This is how we kept our boy hydrated.

We picniced right next to a tree with a Momma and 2 baby sheep. I got tons of pictures, even videoed them playing.

The name of the trees that were planted in these woods back in the 18th and 19th century.

One of the many beautiful and shady paths.

A dedication monument to a Catholic Bishop.

A picture of the house on the property that we have already toured.

We saw so many different types of animals. I love the countryside.

This is a picture of the family's private church.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. More to come as I move them from my SD card to the computer, so I can have a fresh card for our trip to Italy!!


  1. Wonderful pictures! I love the old wooden bridge and that path flanked by those tall old trees, how magical. Picnicing next to baby sheep and all that land for viewing and playing for the kids, I know you had a great time. Your Mr. would be happy about this I suspect. Smile.

  2. Wow your pics are gorgeous!! Love the pics of your boy. His little ears are too adorable!! :)

  3. What a beautiful place! I love the old estates of neat is it that they had their own chapel?! Looks like you (and your boy) had a great time!


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