Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fives:

Just Me and My Life

Every week Beth at Me and My Life hosts this fun Friday Fives. This week the theme is "5 Random Questions about Me." It should be fun, so go link up!

The questions are:
1. Are you a MAC or a PC??? I own a PC. We do not have any MAC/Apple Products at all. Part of me wants an Ipod Touch, only because Mr. Man lost his old MP3 player so he gets mine, and I get a knew one. However, I feel that it is over priced. Some people swear by them, but I do not like when I am sitting in a doctor's office and everyone, adults and children, are playing on their phones, listening to music, and watching TV episodes. It drives me nuts. But I do understand why they do it. I really, really dislike seeing people grocery shopping with their Ipod's in their ears. Ok, this went way off topic, but oh well... Not sure I will ever need a MAC for anything other than maybe if I get into graphic designing or photo editing.

2. If you could go anywhere on vacation this summer where would you go??? Actually, I am going exactly where I want to go, Italy. (And I leave tomorrow!) Other fun summer vacation spots that I would love to some day see is Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Spain.

 3. Which is your most cherished childhood memory? I have a lot of childhood memories that I cherish. I was a Daddy's Girl. I was a tom-boy. I loved to hunt and fish with my Dad. I could out fish and hunt most of the men, actually. I love spending summers out at the hunting camp. I also love the moments when my Dad would let me put makeup on him because my sister was allergic to the fake makeup. That was a lot of fun! And he was such a trooper. Another trooper of the family was my little brother. He would let me and my sister dress him up as a girl, put makeup on him, and he would prance around just so we would laugh. It was so much fun. Even when I was in high school, I got him into one of my cheer-leading outfits. It was priceless because Mom had been fussing at us to get to bed because we had school the next morning. My sister and I were trying to talk my little brother into getting into my cheer outfit, and sure enough, he walked into my closet and shut the doors behind him and put it on. My sister and I were laughing and giggling so hard that my Mom could hear us from the other side of the house. Finally, she gets out of bed to come tend to us right as my brother walks out my closet. OMG!! That was the best moment, ever!! My Mom ended up sitting on my bed with me and my sister and laughed her heart out with us. It is an awesome memory.

4. What were you doing the last time that you had a good laugh? A lot of my laughs come from while I'm blogging. Like that "cherished memory" up there had me rolling.. so much that I had tears in my eyes. I laugh very easily. Even when Mr. Man gets aggravated at me, I'm still laughing. He is really good at making me laugh. He's very random. Here's a story for you. One day, we were driving on base. The Security Forces guy comes out and looks at our ID. Well, he decided to search us. (They have to do so many searches a day, and we were the lucky ones that day.) Anyway, so when they search you, they fill out some paperwork. One of the things they ask you is your "Duty Phone" for Mr. Man's work number. Well, the guy asks us this and then directs us to where we have to stay while they search the vehicle. I was sitting there waiting, and Mr. Man walks up to me with a huge grin on his face. Well, I had heard the whole conversation because the area is really close to one another. Mr. Man walks up to me and goes, "Hahahahha, He said 'Doo-dy'" Ding dong me didn't get it at first, so I just said, "Yea, uh huh. What's so funny about that?" He goes, "listen closely... 'dooooooo-dee'" Omg, I died laughing. I couldn't let go of it for days. Every time we would pass the gate, I would say 'Dooooo-deee' and laugh my heart out.

5. What is your favorite book or magazine??(We need some beach read ideas) For the summer time, I like to read Cosmos because they have awesome drink ideas that are so easy to make.  Books, I read a lot of Nicolas Sparks. Dear John, The Notebook, The Last Song, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It definitely brought back a lot of good memories. You should join the fun!




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  2. I found you by way of Just me and My Life. I must read The Last Song.

  3. Hi! I'm running late but here I am. Stopping by from Friday Blog Hop. I am now following. Hope you will stop by my blog and follow when you get a chance :) Have a great weekend!



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