Monday, May 24, 2010

Girliest Manly Girl:

I seriously think I am the most girliest manly girl you will ever meet. I love to shop. I love clothes. I love panties. I love high heels. I get manicures and pedicures pretty religiously. I do my makeup everyday. I fix my hair (halfway decent) even for the gym. I am a girly girl... true at heart.

But catch me in the gym, on a day I have taken my supplements (which is 99.99% of the time), and I think I could almost pass as a man. I tend to burp. I seem to produce a crazy amount of saliva, and I get dry mouth. It makes me need to constantly spit. I lift just as much weight as an average "boy" in the gym. True story, right there.

Yes, this is all a true story. After being out of the gym for over 2 weeks, I have come to realize that I am very tom-boyish and very much a girl. How? Simple. Because I love to get facials, massages, my makeup done, manicures, pedicures.. I love to shop. I am addicted to high heels (because of my heighth). Victoria Secret is some hot stuff. Bikinis rock my world. I have to get a new purse way too often. I love dresses.

So you get what I am trying to say, right? I am very much a girl. And have been for the last few weeks. It's just my personality. Just how I am. But today, I have realized that I am gross.

Guess how? Today it was back to the gym, back to the supplements, and back to kicking myself into shape. I walk into the gym pumped up from drinking my pre-workout. I walk in and see a "boy" working out. He is bench pressing with dumbbells. I take a look and he is only bench pressing 55 pounds in each hand, so that would be 110 pounds. I was working out chest and legs today, so needless to say I was going to bench press. Well, on an average day.. a day when I have been working out regularly, I can bench press the 110 pounds. That was goal back in the day, and I reached it. 

As I was working out, my mouth stayed dry. I realized I was producing very thick saliva that caused me to get nauseated and constantly needed to spit. What do I do? Go to the window and spit. (I know, Gross!) Next comes the nauseated feeling and gassy-ness (?sp). My supplements do that to me. What happens next? I let out a long, horrible, most grossest (whatever you want to call it) burp of my life.

What does Mr. Man do? He laughs at me and says, "Do you feel better?" Yes, I do. Thank you very much. It was obviously just what my body needed.

So that is how I got the title "Girliest Manly Girl" that you will ever meet. True or not true?

I really hope you don't view me differently now that I just shared something that is absolutely unladylike.


  1. Well you're definitely more girly than me! I've only had a pedicure twice in my life, and a manicure once (for my wedding). I could care less about purses, I like dressing cute and love summer dresses. But I'm super lazy about hair/make-up. annnnnnnnnnd I'm REALLY gross while working out, so no worries lady! =)

  2. Ha! This is a really cute post! I'm a little bit of a tom-boy myself, my friends always say I have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy :)

  3. That is so awesome! I can burp like no other too! I am kind of like you too... enjoy the girly stuff, and when I did work out and was in shape was super competitive and loved a good sweat!

    BTW I gave you an award on my blog!! :)

  4. i was very very tomboyish when i was young and still not girly as you even though i want to be. hehehehe. i'm working in hong kong right now and there are lots of burpers (both chinese men and chinese women) around me and yes, they burp loudly in public as it's the most common thing to do. i'm used to it now. :)

    ~ash's mum

  5. I sweat like a man and I'm proud of it. Today on my run, I was fliggin' sweat right and left and puddles formed on my kitchen floor when I was filling up my water glass and making my chocolate milk. I sweat. And I like it. : )


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