Wednesday, May 26, 2010

50 Adjectives: Loving

This is my very first post for the 50 Adjectives that describe me and my life. If you missed the post about it and want to know the intentions of it and how it will work, you can check it out here.

The first adjective that I have listed is:


The definition is:
Loving (luhv-ing)
Adj.-- feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate; fond: loving glances. 

I believe I am a very loving person. I love a lot of things, and if you ask me to know something or someone I hate, I will look at you with a dumbfounded look. Truth is, hate is a strong word and nothing bothers me enough to hate. But many things affect me in the way that makes me love them and be a loving person. 
I am a loving wife. I support his every decision, his career, and the life he chose for us. I love his personality, his snuggles, his determination, his support, and his sweetness. I even adore the not so positive things in him, too. His flaws. But he is mine, all mine, and I do love him and everything about him and our life. So what do I do to pay him back for his kind and caring actions? Easy. I love him in return. I cook for him. I wash his clothes. I go to school to better myself our future. I do for him, just as he does for me. I won't go on and on about me being the "perfect" wife because I am not. But the point is, I am loving. I do adore Mr. Man.

I love and appreciate many things in life, even the small things. I find that as I age, I grew in the appreciation and respect of life. I find that even the small things in life, things I did not live to see for myself, and the things that I am learning about through our travels and school, I grow fond of. I have a heart, a big one. It's hard for me to find something that I do not enjoy. I believe there is a place in everyone's heart for a variety of things, for appreciation, respect, and love in general. 

I love people, almost all people. I mean that, too. It takes someone hurting me multiple times before I will finally let go. Normally it is more about that person than it is about me. For instance, if I know someone needs some help or support, I will help them. Even if they have hurt me multiple times. Some say I am too nice of a person, but it's just my personality. When I see someone in need, I want to help them. And if they allow me to, I will. 

I love to volunteer, help charities, and get out and volunteer my time for our community. Most people do not understand this because I do not have children, but I enjoy doing it. I love children. I love meeting new people, and I obviously love to help and support any cause. I know if I was a less fortunate person or needed some time of encouragement, I would hope that others would lend a hand. 

Now, I am not perfect and probably could do more in each one of these categories. I know and understand that, but I still feel like I am a loving person. There is definitely more love in body than hatred. Would you agree?

What do you do to show that are loving and caring? Whether it is for your family, friends, environment, etc. 


  1. Visiting via Welcome Wednesday! Bless your heart, Mrs. Ma'am!
    Love your site!
    My dad was in the Navy and I am so proud of our armed forces.
    My daughter is dating a Marine!
    Will keep you all in my prayers,

  2. I love Mr. Superman by trying desperately to be the very best woman he deserves. Loved this post. Love your blog. Love you!

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