Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tomorrow is our first official doctor's appointment, and we should have an ultrasound done. I have so many mixed emotions going on right now, which is why I have not been blogging much. I definitely "feel" pregnant! I got a little bitty bump that I will hopefully share with you tomorrow, but for now we have to make it and pass through tomorrow with all good vibes. I am so nervous and excited all at the same time. It's hard to explain, but it's so crazy to think this is actually happening. Plus, it seems that everyone around me is talking about miscarriages and defects, which is driving me nuts. I am one of those people that I have to see and hear the baby before I am 100% confident that everything is ok with him or her and he or she is progressing well. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow, and the time really is flying by. Mr. Man came in on Sunday from California, and he has been the best support ever. He is constantly laying his head on my stomach and pretending the baby is kicking and punching him. It's funny. He makes me laugh so much because he is so creative about what the baby is and could be doing inside my belly. I love his sense of humor. It's priceless. He's been very supportive of the whole me not being able to do dishes because it makes me sick to my stomach, and he helps me cook for the same reasons. The last couple of days my back has started hurting. It is in my lower back, so hopefully tomorrow the doctor can give me the green light for massages because I am so ready to get back to getting my massages. My Mom has sent us two boxes of baby stuff, which all was so adorable. Words can not explain how precious the things she sent are. I have them all nice and neat folded up in the baby's dresser in the spare bedroom. She sent a blanket, hooded towel, wash cloths, bibs, a diaper bag, a calendar to track through the pregnancy, a photo frame for our ultrasound picture, and some adorable outfits. Of course, all of this is gender neutral, but I can not wait to start putting it all to use. Which if all goes well, tomorrow will be the day! I have been shopping here and there for things, but I have not bought anything. I have been putting extra money into the savings each month so it can be claimed for the baby once we do start purchasing things. I can not wait to go shopping with Mr. Man! He has been secretly shopping for manly things, too! I caught him... haha! He was looking at some toddle car seats that he wants to match his future car. Seriously, it made me so happy. I know he has been thinking about names because he will pop one out randomly here or there to see what I think of it. And he totally wants our kids to drink Mighty Milk. I love it, and I love him!

Besides that there really is not much going on. Mr. Man is working 12 hour shifts, but is not participating on the exercise which is good. He comes home around 8:30am and sleeps until about 4:30pm, then leaves for work by 5:15pm. This is kind of sucky for the time being because I am sleeping by 1:30am or so and waking up between 11am and 1pm. So of course, we are totally not seeing each other. But it is only for 2 weeks, and I really need to get on a nice schedule for myself for my appointments and such. Hopefully once this is over, he will go back to swings, which is the shift I love - 4pm to 12am. Then we can start working out together again and spending some time together during the day.

Well that's about it. Wish me some luck for tomorrow, and I will update once I can!

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  1. Enjoy your pregnancy, it is the most wonderful time ever...because at the end of it you will have a beautiful precious gift!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your going to L*O*V*E being a mom. It's the best thing ever! I'm your newest follower:) you can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  3. Aww it's so exciting, I remember going through all the same emotions just last year, and now my baby is almost 3 months old! :)


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