Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Update About My Life:

Since my last several posts were based on the pregnancy and I went MIA for a while, I thought it was time to do a post on what is happening in our lives (other than this pregnancy).

Things have been pretty much the same. Mr. Man has been working 12s for a couple of weeks every month for the last couple of months, and I  believe that October is the end of the exercise. I have to say that I hate him working nights, but it's a sacrifice to keep him on swings so who I am to complain. As much as I sometimes complain about swings, I much prefer them (while he is in this shop) over days. For sure. Work has been fairly solid for him, so that has left only time for being on an awkward schedule and having no time out during the weekend because when we wake up, everything's closed. Got to love it.

The good side of that, which I am thankful it is just 'happening' like this, is that we spend our weekends cleaning out each room. We choose one room, clean it out, organize it, and then I begin picking up odds and ends for the baby for that room. It has worked out for us this far since everyone in the family is beginning to claim their territory on what they would like to purchase. Seriously, I think there will be nothing for us to enjoy going out and buying because everyone is attacking us. But I would not have it any other way. It's a nice feeling to know that they care, love, and support this even a gazillion miles away. This is basically what our weekends consist of.

For me, I have been busy with school and doing some volunteer things - mostly spouse stuff. Since I doubled up on school this term before we found out we were pregnant, I am definitely busy. But honestly, I do not feel more busy than before. Mr. Man is taking it well. The baby is taking it well. And of course, I am taking it well. I have time to do the work, and I still have my weekends with my husband. It is nice. For the volunteering, I have cut it down some. Mostly because I do not see much daylight, so it would be hard for me to do anything at night. Right now, we are planning events, baking some cookies for different organizations we support, and doing some things with our church. Other than that, that's it with me.

Well, I lie. I'm still planning our Ireland trip for Thanksgiving. And now I am planning a trip to Germany. We are not sure when we will take our trip to Germany, but I am going ahead and starting while I have the time and energy before we start buckling down and preparing for the baby. We are hoping that we can go before the baby is born, but we are not going to force it by any means. I just want to have planned what we want to do, so when it does come up all I have to do is book flights, hotels, and get train tickets.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Mr. Man will test for Tech Sergeant this year. He's already starting to be hard on himself because he does not want to let anyone down, but I keep telling him to just let whatever is meant to happen, happen. He has only been in for 5 years, and he has only been a Staff Sergeant for technically a year, but tested a year before. So seriously, he has plenty of time. He will test in February, and I have a feeling the baby will come in March. So our plans are to have everything settled with the baby by January-ish, so he can spend all his time not worrying about the family and focusing on studying (since it's killing him). He has said that if he does not make it, he will be ok with that under the circumstances because he would have to get a really, really high - almost perfect score in order to make it. I am not sure how it works. I mean I understand the concept behind it, but I do not know how the time-in-service affects him, which he is trying to explain to me. He needs to chill, and realize he is an awesome super trooper no matter what because he is progressing so quickly that even the ranks can not keep up with him ;)

Another popular topic that has come up several times since us being pregnant is whether or not we still would like to stay here in England. He randomly asked me last weekend, and it kind of caught me off-guard because I thought he was asking because he changed him mind. But he was actually asking because he thought with me being pregnant, I would change my mind. Such goobers, I know. Anyway, so I told him what I thought and how I felt, and with such relief, he feels the exact same. I can proudly announce at this point, for now anyway, we plan to try and stay here in England for another couple of years once our time is up. The benefits for us is beyond us, and that is the reason. Really, I can not worry about deployments and TDY's because we could get another high demand base, we could get another base with long hours. So for us, it is what England has to offer and whether or not we are happy with it. And everyone knows, I may wish I had a larger house, but I do not want to leave this behind any time soon. I am hoping to be able to finish my Master's while we are here without having to work. Mr. Man wants to try to get into a special duty when his time here is up. With that said, England is still our "happy place" and still calling on us, so here we want to stay if the Air Force and God agrees.

So there is our life in one quick bundle of blog. The world is seriously spinning so fast that we have no idea what to do with it. But we are trying to sit back and enjoy it while we can.


  1. There is in Germany... It's really cold here and snowy in the winter... it doesnt start to warm up until about May-ish. but it's really pretty in the winter here (and I'm not a fan of the cold at all).

    =) Enjoy the time you guys have left in England and see what you can while you can!

  2. Sounds like you're keeping busy! Hold on tight! Glad to hear you are well...


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