Friday, September 10, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In:

This is hosted by Wife of a Sailor!! 

1. Do you set goals for yourself during deployment?  What are some of them? (from Military Mommy)
Generally, I will set goals for myself during any time that Mr. Man is away. During deployments, I generally have a firm plan for school and fitness. During any time he is away, I set goals for the house and things that I personally need to get done. Especially if it is things I can get done faster and quicker when he is not around. I try to commit to so much volunteering a week that way I know I have something planned and will stay busy. That is generally the just of it. This last deployment, I made a promise to myself to redecorate our bedroom and start on the living room. Little things like that.

2. What would you say to someone dating a military guy or gal?(from Mothering Off the Cuff)

I would make sure that they know and understand that this lifestyle is not easy. But it also something that we necessarily choose. It's something that has just happened to us. I would make sure they know and understand the strength one needs to survive this life. I would lend them as much advice as I could possibly to make sure they make the right decision for themselves. It is not easy, and it is not what movies and all these other fairy tale stories make it out to be. Yes, some of us may live that fairy tale dream, but we do in a complete different way.
3. If you have children, how do you prepare them to move to a new place? (from The Random Ramblings of A Household 6)

Well, I do not have any human children in this world, yet. So I really can not speak on this. However, I have our baby boy, which is enough preparation in itself. My advice would be, prepare early, do your research, and start the process as early as possible to guarantee no problems.

4. Name one hobby that gets you through alone time. (from My Sailor’s Mistress)

The gym. The gym is my escape, whether Mr. Man is here or not. I love the gym. I love working out, and I love the environment.

5. What’s the one food you don’t ever get tired of? (from That Army Wife Life)
Now, that I am pregnant... this is interesting. CHINESE FOOD! is the only thing I have eaten multiply times without getting disgusted at the thought of it. I really dislike a lot of Cajun foods right now, like gumbo, rice and gravy, jambalaya.... sad face.

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