Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clothing Diapering: Part 2

First, I want to thank you all for the information with the cloth diapers. I keep going back and forth and straddling the fence, which I am known for. As of right now, I'm thinking I will buy a few and try them out while we are home and around the house. If I decide I like them, I'll stick with them. If it becomes a pain, then I will ditch them. I really am wanting to find a way to make it work, but really there is so much to it. I will share a couple of videos with you guys to see what I saw, and then I would love MORE feedback! 

When I watched these two videos, Mr. Man and I immediately said there is no way we could do that because he is gone a lot, he works a lot, and I spend just as much time on school as he does at work. For those of you who have used cloth diapering or if you know someone that does, send them my way. I want to drill them!! Because I obviously, would love for this to work. 

Here are the videos: 

From ClothDiaperChannel on YouTube!

So what do you think now?


  1. For some reason I can't get the videos to work... no sound comes out...

    but, cloth diapering at first seems a little overwhelming and it seems like there is a lot to it. I started to cloth diaper my son about two months before my daughter was born. So I've had 2 in diapers for the last year... and I am so glad my son is finally starting to potty train. (I'm really tired of wiping butts all day)...

    anyways, I was my diapers every other day... I have the flushable liners that I use (when I remember) and when one of the crazies poo I just dump it in the toilet - if I forget the liner (which I usually do) then when they poo I have to dunk and swish til most (if not all the poo) comes off in the toilet. and then I just toss it in the pail (with a pail liner). When one of the crazies pee in the diaper, I just change them as usual and toss the diaper in the pail (I do not put water in my pail at all). --- neither one of my kids are breastfed, so I have to get most of the poop out before they go for their washing. Once you start solids/formula (if you do formula) you have to dump the poo in the toilet. Only breastmilk is water soluble so you don't have to get the poo off before you go for your wash.

    When it comes time to wash I do a rinse on cold. After the rinse I use 2 tablespoons of LuLu's in the Fluff detergent (but there are a lot of other detergent's you can use that are safe for cloth diapers) on HOT wash cycle, after that I do 2 - 3 rinses on cold and then if we do have some decent sun I'll throw them out on the line and if there isn't then I put them in the dryer on low heat.

    Cloth diapering really is no more of a pain in the a-- then disposable diapering. You've still got to change the baby as often as you would in a sposie. I really noticed a change in smell in my house (for the better) after we started cloth diapering... I never realized how bad disposables smell until I was using cloth on the kids for a few months and had to put my son in a disposable (daycare won't let him go in cloth since it's not in his medical record that he gets a rash from disposables).

    I really enjoy cloth diapering... Even though I do buy disposables on occasion, I'm still saving a ton of money. It wasn't too long after we started cloth diapering full time that my husband asked why we had so much "extra" money in the bank... I just looked at him and smiled and said because we're not buying disposables every week =) and I like looking at all the cute fluff ;-)

  2. I worked my way into cloth diapering. I started with the g-diaper system (flip has a similar system) where there was a bio degradable insert and a cover. I found that I was doing just as much work with those as I was with a fully cloth diaper so we switched.

    Now that Noah is 7 months old we go thru 6-7 diapers a day. He's a twice a day pooper and the rest are pee. It can feel overwhelming at first but really, once you get the hang of it you're fine. I'm the primary care giver and diaper washer of our son and still manage to get it done. We have enough diapers to wash every third day and my wash routine is similar to the first video - cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse but I do mine at night after we get home from work. I'll toss them in before dinner, turn on the second cycle after dinner and pull them out to hang them to dry after I get Noah to bed. They hang to dry over night on the drying rack in the laundry room. On the weekends I'll sun them if we're home.

    Noah's on a solids+formula diet so his poos are more solid and usually just fall off the diaper when I shake it over the toilet. What doesn't come off I just rinse out in our wash basin. Then i drop them into one of two hanging wet bags (we dont have a pail, just the two wet bags that hang on the door knobs of his closet).

    Overall I'm really happy with cloth diapering. It makes me feel better that we're not dumping that trash into a land fill where it will never biodegrade. Plus, Noah's never (repeat NEVER) had diaper rash with cloth diapers.

    Even DH will stuff a diaper or dump the poop if necessary:)

    I say give it a try - get one or two diapers and start small. Or even try the g-diaper/flip system. Once you find your groove you'll wonder why you were questioning it at all:)


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