Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost another whole week:

Seriously, it has been almost a whole week since my last post. I am slacking big time, and I apologize. I have so much I need to catch up on. For now, I will share the belly pictures that I promised last week. Please do forgive me!

Mr. Man is still working some long hours and has worked the last two weekends. With that said, they told him he may have to work this next weekend. He is already going on 3 weeks with zero days off. It sucks, but we get a "pat on the back" for it. They are giving us a 4 day weekend whenever we choose, so another trip here we come!! 

So for now, here is the last 4 weeks of belly pictures.

 Week 9

 Week 10

 Week 11

Week 12

So I know right about now you all are thinking, "Wow, she's going fast!" The truth is... I am growing super fast! But that's what happens when you loose your diet because of food aversions and stay sick in the gym. Like I have said before, I would not have it any other way. But I must say I do miss being able to run just a little or lift weights without having to take a 5 minute break in between. Hopefully, I will begin to even out now that I got the initial growth going. 

So by viewing these pictures, I think I would say I "popped" at Week 10.
Oh, and I guess I should add that I have gained 8 lbs so far. 

This Wednesday I will be 13 weeks based on the doctor's measuring, which is what I am going by on here. 

And now I will throw in the 10 week ultrasound we had done. The baby was jumping around so much that it was so hard to get good pictures. We only got two, but the two we got are so precious. I'm in love already! And so is Mr. Man. 

 Side view of Baby C waving at us. 

Front view! Too bad he/she is so small or else it would be perfect for finding out the sex.

Also, would like to mention that Mr. Man got a stethoscope a week or so ago. He has tried so hard to listen to the baby because I feel him/her quite often now. Mr. Man has tried with the stethoscope almost every day from the day we received it. But it is estimated that you can not hear the baby's heart beat with a stethoscope until about 18-20 weeks, so I decided to buy him a Doppler device. Hopefully, we will get it in soon, and we can listen to the baby as often as we want. 

Until next time... :) 


  1. I love belly pictures!! The ultrasound pictures are so amazing. I bet you love hearing the heartbeat. That's so cute that Mr. Man tries to hear the heartbeat =)

  2. Hi, I am a new follower and new to blogging, but I love it. We also live the crazy life of the military!! Congrats on the wonderful news of the new addition to the family... Also your blog is soo cute!!
    X Michel X

  3. Hi, i just found your blog, congratulations!


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