Monday, September 13, 2010

Cloth Diapering: To Do or Not To Do?

Before I got pregnant, I did tons and tons and tons of research on children products. I read and searched for things that I was interested and made many decisions about what I would need and what I could do without. One of these popular topics that I did extensive research on was cloth diapering.

Before I got pregnant, I figured I would use cloth diapers and wipes. I was pretty set on it. I figured since I would be a stay-at-home Mom for the first couple of years, there was no reason why I could not do it. I chose the products that I would use and found the accessories that I would need to succeed with cloth diapering.

Now that I pregnant, the tables have completely 100% turned. I am still totally up for cloth diapering, and Mr. Man was totally on board until one day it just hit me. I realized that I have such determination and strength about things I am passionate about that I add too much to my plate. With that in mind and many, many discussions on the topic, we have officially decided we will not be cloth diapering.

As much as it makes me sad, I had a wide eye opener from many friends and YouTube. I know that cloth diapering is healthy and not meant to be convenient, but we do travel, I am a full time student, I am already so busy with what I do... that cloth diapering would probably be an added stress. Not to mention, there are other things I feel is more important than making sure cloth diapering would succeed. Like Breastfeeding- I would much rather put all my time and effort into trying to breastfeed versus cloth diapering.

In the end, this is what it came down to. We live in England. We travel. Either way, we would need disposables because long day trips and vacations would not be fun with having to worry about washing diapers. The big kicker is, we live in England. I would have to dry the diapers outside in the sun. Ummm, what sun? With all this in mind, I may start cloth diapering when/if we go back to the states and go somewhere that it would be an option. But right now, right here, I do not think it would be the best move for us with our first child.

I have to say that I am sad. I am sad that I will not get to experience cloth diapering. I am sad that Mr. Man was actually on board until I opened his (and my) eyes to the world of cloth diapering. Maybe one day when we have more time on our hands and are in the place for it to actually happen.

I wish England had more sunshine (although I really love the rainy, cool days like today). I really wish I would be able to have the opportunity to use cloth diapers for the healthiest way to change my baby's bottom. I really wish cloth diapers could be put in the dryer all the time. But....

That is not the case.

Anyone want to try and change our minds on this? Because I am all ears!! I am trying so hard to make this cloth diapering thing work, but it is just not happening.


  1. I think the focus on Breast Feeding is way more important! I don't have kids but I am a teacher.. and I work at a center with babys.. So many ladies tend to give up on the breast feeding when it is way healthy for the baby. As for cloth diapers.. well I know of one couple who did it and it took alot of time and effort.. and I say if your going to school full time.. with the baby and breast feeding your going to be on OVERLOAD! :)

  2. I am not pregnant and don't have any immediate plans to since my hubby is TDY, but I think cloth diapering is awesome! I agree that it might be easier to focus on breastfeeding for now. It sounds like it might be a lot to handle at first! Maybe later on? When we have children, I would love to cloth diaper, but I'm not sure I can get husband on board.

  3. My friend dries hers in the dryer on a low setting...

  4. Cloth diapering is so simple and it's really not that big of a stress as what most people think. I live in Germany and there really isn't that much sun here either. Not all babies do well with disposable diapers. My daughter has an extremely sensitive bum (and her skin everywhere else is sensitive as well) and we have to use cloth on her. Any time we put her in a disposable, and it doesn't matter which brand, she gets one of the most aweful rashes I have ever seen. She just turned 1 the other day and she's been in cloth most of her life.

    Also, if you breastfeed and cloth diaper, you don't have to rinse the poo before you toss it in the washer because breast milk is water soluable.

    We do traveling and for the most part, Diva is in cloth.

    I also had my Diva in the middle of the term of one of my math classes last year. After I had Diva I went full force with school and graduated this passed February. I also breastfed Diva until she was about 4 months old... hanks to a nursing strike, I dried up.

    Cloth diapering is no more of a hassle then disposable diapering...

  5. I am one of your newest followers...also, my hubby is from Southern Louisiana :)
    Can't wait to read mre of your blog!

  6. What about a diaper service? I'm sure they have them there... Then, you don't have to worry about washing/drying the diapers all of the time...

  7. idk if you have heard of them but there are hybrid diapers I first heard about them from my neighbor and then on a blog I read it on a blog I read They seem to be a nice cross between cloth and disposables. I figured it's worth it for you to look at. They have an outer re-usable Diaper but have a liner that is disposable. My neighbor swears by them... her only complaint was getting the right fit at first and she had trouble picking up how the liners go. It didn't seem that hard to me when I was watching the baby but then again it's probably different when it's your own child. This is something I'm researching since I saw them was looking into them for the future for our family. Tell me what you think

  8. I also read about the "hybrids" on that same blog. My brother/sister in law also do something similar with my nephew. It is really cost efficient and it's pretty simple for them. They're now living in Singapore as well, before they were living in Chicago. It's totally possible (I say this as a non-parent). Good luck in your decision. You know what's best and what works for your child!

  9. I researched this a little when I was pregnant with my daughter. But, don't forget to look into costs for water and using the 'hot' cycle, electricity to run the washer/dryer for the cloth diapers.
    Personally, I think it's way more trouble than it's worth.
    I kept a small trash can (bathroom size) right outside our sliding glass door, and every time my kiddos went #2, the diaper went into the outside trash, and when it was full it went into the big trash can for the trash man. The 'pee' ones went into the regular kitchen trash can which wasn't a problem because we emptied that daily anyway. Great tips if you decide to go the 'disposable' route. :)

  10. P.S. The LAST thing I EVER wanted to do after changing my children's diaper is then take that diaper and clean it!! It is so nice, with disposables, to just toss it in the trash and be done with it! I mentioned that to my husband many times after having my daughter, (because I had researched cloth diapers while preggo with her), so there were many times I would look at my husband and just go, "WOW, I am SO incredibly glad I could just toss that diaper in the trash and be done with it. Can you imagine if we had to go clean it after that?" He was in total agreement with me every time. :)


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