Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Bathroom! Goodbye Food.

It's official. I am saying Hi to the bathroom every 2 hours. Not due to morning sickness - thank goodness! But because the frequent urination has hit a high!

This is the third night in a row where I have slept for 3 to 4 hours, and I up 2 times during that time to use the bathroom. By the second time, I am hungry and wide awake. Maybe my body is preparing me for newborn feedings? Ok, joke. But seriously, it's kind of annoying. Although I would not trade it for the world.

I am wide awake for about 3 or so hours, which I use the bathroom nonstop, then I am back to bed for a few more hours. Then I am up for a few hours again, then back for a nap for a few hours. Not liking it at all as it messes with my day, but I am thankful I am not moody. At least not yet.

I am having major aversions to food. I never want to eat. EVER! I get so hungry, yet I hate to eat. I use to love  my food. What happened? I miss it. 

I also am now officially unable to sleep on my back and stomach. My stomach is so sore, and I feel like it is growing so fast. So fast that when Mr. Man saw me with my shirt off over the weekend he reacted in this way, "Holy crap, Mrs. Ma'am. Your belly is huge!" My reaction - some laughs here and there and a "Gee thanks." We both laughed about it, but I did warn him that I may not take that so lightly the next go around, so he better be prepared. Ha! Back to sleeping, I am was a stomach sleeper. Now that it hurts to sleep on my stomach, I have tried my back. Fail. My stomach sinks in and with it sore, it hurts. I am successfully sleeping on my side, but I really, really, really need an awesome body pillow. I can no longer use Mr. Man because he makes me hot, like sweaty hot. It's horrible. I will be investing in a pregnancy pillow sooner than I thought. 

I realized that I told you guys that I would have my next set of pictures up today, but I thought today was Wednesday. Well, it is Wednesday now, but I thought yesterday was Wednesday. My new weeks start on Wednesday, so I will take a picture today and have them posted as soon as possible! 


  1. I've also never been able to snuggle with my honey at night. His body temperature is higher than mine and I'll start sweating!

  2. I always thought about getting a body pillow even before I was pregnant because it helps me sleep at night. I'm super nervous that when I get pregnant I won't be able to sleep because I'm such a heavy stomach sleeper!

  3. Hello, You have an award over at my blog!

  4. I am SUCH A STOMACH sleeper. I love it and I have no clue how I will sleep when I get pregnant! :-/ Good luck with your peeing/sleeping/peeing...haha. I've heard that gets better the farther a long you get...hope so! Can't wait to see new belly pics! Thanks for the sweet words you wrote before my "guest blog!" :) Best wishes!

  5. Just wait til your feet start sweating and it drives you completely bonkers! I don't know if I've congratulated you yet on your pregnancy! So exciting! I was the same way with food aversions. I felt like I was starving myself, but when it came time to eat just the thought grossed me out! It'll get better, I promise! I ended up gaining 31 lbs! lol.

    I wanted you to know I tagged you in something on my blog! :)

    The Crafty Military Wife


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