Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fitness Update:

Today I thought I would do a fitness update since it has been a while. The last time I did one I told you all how I would be buckling down and doing some hardcore things.

I can proudly say that before I found out I was pregnant, I succeeded with the ball bouncing on my abs. I had to start out with a small and light ball, but I worked my way up to a heavier ball. That crap WORKS! If you ever want some hard, tight abs, do that workout!

For now, gym has been on and off for me. I have been walking around the neighborhood. The most I have been able to run is 2 minutes at a time. I feel like such a weiny! Mr. Man thinks it's funny that I can only run for 2 minutes, and I am sweating and breathing like a pig. I have thrown around a few weights, but nothing over 15 pound dumbbells. Next week, I plan to start more solid with weightlifting and cardio since my doctor has officially given me the go ahead. She actually encouraged me the whole time, just said when I get tired to rest. Now, she said I can push passed that, but not to the extreme. I miss the gym. I miss the weights. I feel like I walk in the gym and look like a fatty that could loose a few pounds. It does not bother me because I know I'm pregnant. And the people that know me or Mr. Man also could immediately tell something was up.

For now, it's frustrating because people look at me all funny, and girls are so competitive. I can not get over how many girls watch me in the gym then will go grab like 5 pounds heavier than what I am doing just to try and be a 'show off'. It's hilarious in my book because only if they knew. I seriously, literally laugh at them right in front of them. Mr. Man was the first to notice this happening, and he thinks it's pretty funny, too.

My weight is only 3 pounds up from where I was in the beginning. I would say it all belly, too. I have never had a belly, so it feels and looks funny. But it is one hard, tight belly.

So my new advice to women is.... Why have strong, tight abs when you can just have a baby?!

So for now, my goals is to stay fit so hopefully the labor with go smoother. Hopefully. Maybe?


  1. There is no need to use 20 lb weights to get toned! I use 8 lb weights and that's really all I need (I don't do it for additional strength).

    Glad to hear you still have some confidence in your body. Don't lose that! Just try to shrug off the feelings of being a "fatty." If this is the first time in your life that you have had ANY belly, then you're in great shape!

    Can't wait to hear how your pregnancy progresses!

  2. Could you tell me more about the ball bouncing on the Abs? I'm trying to add new things to my routine and have never heard of this.


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