Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Ultrasound:

So today has come and gone. It has been such a great relief to hear and see our baby. But now I am already bummed that I will not get to see him or her for another 10 or 12 weeks. It's so disappointing to know, but was such a relief to get today over with. Sadly, the baby measured 10 weeks and 1 day instead of 12 weeks, so I am not in my 2nd Trimester yet. The worries are not as high though, not for now anyway.

We listened and watched the baby for a long time. It felt like 30 minutes, but it was probably more like 15-20 minutes. I am glad it by so slow and we could soak up the moment. Surprisingly, I did not cry. I'm not really emotional when it comes to stuff like this, but I really thought I would because I had been worrying throughout these few weeks. Which I have a feeling will be a part of me for the rest of my life. We got a couple of pictures of the baby; however, he or she was bouncing around so much, so quick that it was hard to get a good shot. We have one of him or her waving, and one of the front side. Baby C looks like he or she has a mohawk. It's quite cute if you ask me! I could see his or her legs, arms, tummy, face, everything. It was amazing. The little flash on the screen as he or she bounced around was just too adorable. Mr. Man has been saying that he or she is doing the "Clement Dance" with his or her hands in the air "crying WEEEEE WEEEEE WEEEEE alllll the way home!" Oh gosh, just thinking about it makes me laugh out loud. He is so excited, so happy. And now that they pushed me back a couple of weeks, I can possibly have an April baby, which was exactly what I was hoping for! All-in-all, this household is excited!

There really was not much discussed other than if we will breastfeed or bottle feed and if we wanted to different screenings for the abnormalities. We voted no for the screenings, but I would never abort and I would not want to worry about it all through my pregnancy. Not to mention that have way more false positives than any other test. We have no reason to suspect anything, so it is a "no-go" for us. I did mention that I plan to prepare for both, bottle and breast feeding. Obviously, I will try to breast feed and hopefully it works out, but I would like to be prepared if it does not. We discussed diet, working out, etc. My doctor actually told me to get back to lifting and doing cardio, but just lay back on the tense straining. It makes sense to me, so I will soon be hitting the weights again. I am very happy to have to green light for that. We discussed my heart murmur, which they ordered a test for to do that. I will go in soon and have that monitored. And we discussed eating lots of protein and calcium, which is hard for me. I hate meat right now, especially beef and I am "border-lined lactose intolerant." I say "border-lined lactose intolerant" because I have not been diagnosed with it, but I totally lose control of myself when I eat or drink too much diary. (Not that you care to know that!)

Now, the next big decision we have to make is whether or not we want to try and find out the sex. I, personally, want it to be a surprise. I have always said that, and I still feel that I want that. However, Mr. Man is so impatient about finding out so "he can prepare." He's so funny and so protective that it makes me giggle. I would not have it any other way, though. So, I am secretly hoping that when we go to find out, they can not see. If they can not determine the sex of the baby, then they will not try again. I am 100% ok with that, but poor Mr. Man would want to hurt me if he ever  heard me say that. (Read into the sarcasm there!) So do you have any thoughts or suggestions about finding out what we are having? Do you have any stories about your experiences? I would love to hear them!

I have already started a registry, two of them actually. I have an awesome Mom and an awesome Nanny that has been supporting me through this, and they are lending their advice and recommendations on products and such. I am happy I have that because being so far away, I need it! My Nanny is basically going to do my registry for me, but I am giving her the list of things I want. I will not be sharing those details though for a while because it's too early and we may find out the sex, too. But I do have the big stuff already picked out. YAY for that!

I think that is pretty much it. I will share a few pictures from before. Only the ones I have shared on Facebook because I need to update the family first. Family comes first ALWAYS! Hope you understand. And enjoy the "fat pictures"!  :o)

Pre-Pregnancy- May 2010

The day we found out. 6 weeks.

7 weeks.

8 weeks.

I do have 9 and 10 weeks, but I need to share those with family first, then I will do another update with them. Maybe I can post pictures like these every 4 weeks. Sound like a plan? Then there will be 4 belly pictures to come to each other! 


  1. Sooo...completely EXCITED! I'm so over the moon for you! This is such an exciting time for you! Yah!!!!!

    On the breastfeeding/bottle options...just remember to do what YOU want to do for your BODY and your BABY. Don't let anyone try to tell you what there views are..."breastfeeding is better" "bottle feeding is best"....only you can decide. And even after you decide what you want to do, your body might have plans of its own. Your body will get everything that he/she needs whether you breast or bottle feed.

    I'm so excited for you...did I mention that yet?

  2. Whoa... haha, loved that "fat" is in quotes... so many people would love to have your stomach, even at 6-8wks pregnant. Congrats!!

  3. Congratulations!!!

    We have a 5 month old and when I was pregnant with him we did decide to find out the sex for "preparation purposes" but I must say that even if we had not wanted to we could not have avoided it. Boys just tend to be very obvious. So what we did to keep the element of surprise is that we kept his name a secret. You know that stirred up some excitement at family gatherings. I have a family full of loud, talk90milesanhour-nonstop Cajuns who actually made bets on the first and middle name - football board style, of course!

  4. Ahhh congratulations! I guess I missed the announcement! I loved knowing that we were having a little boy. I already had a feeling and the excitement when we found out for sure was great! I'm a planner so being able to get his room ready exactly how I wanted for a boy and all the clothes, etc. was great for my nesting. At the same time a little part of me doesn't want to find out with the next one. That was no help to you, was it? With us they did 45 minutes of ultrasound before they even asked if we wanted to know the sex. You could make up your mind then? I don't know. Either way it will be a great surprise. At 20 weeks or on delivery day.

    I remember a while ago you mentioned that you guys had been stationed in San Antonio. We just got here. Can I ask what your favorite places were?


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