Monday, September 20, 2010


Today, I started back at the gym throwing around a few weights. I forgot how much I miss the gym. I knew I missed the gym, but when I actually grabbed the weights, I was like "Ahhh, this feels so good." I did not want to stop.

Which means, I survived my first full day of the gym. I walked to the gym to get some light cardio in since I get so tired so easily. It would force me to walk back even being tired from working out. I did chest, a little legs, and a back exercise. I plan to do a little legs and back every other day to help keep them tone and my hip size down. I want my back to be strong because I know it will not be long, and it will start bothering me. Strengthening exercises is what I am doing for now, and it felt so good. I have to say my legs are dying right now, and I only did 3 weiny leg workouts! But at least I know I worked myself.

And I hate the "Are you fat or are you pregnant stare." It really gets on my nerves. But it is also quite humorous, too. I actually feel really confident being pregnant and in the gym. Even though I am at the stage of am I fat or am I pregnant, I know what I am and people that have seen me workout know. It's amazing the eyes you get, though. And I can now see why larger people or early pregnant people get discouraged by it.

Exciting news!! I felt the baby over the weekend. It was a full blown baby, too. It definitely was not like maybe it's baby, but I am not 100% sure. It was sooooo baby! And it felt awesome. It freaked me out, and I jumped at the first "kick." Then another followed not far after that one, and Mr. Man tried so hard to feel it. He wants to so bad, but I have feeling he has a few more weeks to wait until that happens. It was awesome!

We are also getting baby stuff in like crazy! I seriously appreciate everything that people are sending us. I got a pregnancy journal, stethoscope (specifically for Mr. Man), Pinocchio (Because people know I collect Disney movies), and the cutest little shirt like bib that says "I (heart) Take-Out" with an adorable Chinese take-out box and chop sticks. I received it all in the mail yesterday. I will try and get some footage of our gifts since we most likely will not be doing a shower that way people can see what others are sending us and how we adore and appreciate the things they are sending. My Mom told me she sent a couple of more boxes, too. So yay, for more baby stuff! It's amazing how babies change the world. I am so excited!

Also, in baby news, we started cleaning out the nursery. Eeeekkkk!!! We are way beyond excited. I am seriously nesting. I have to be. Not sure what else it could be. Poor Mr. Man worked 12s all last week, and he had to work on Sunday, but I still put him to work on Saturday. It was an awesome day/night because we started putting up things we have been receiving. We also cleaned out the upstairs bathroom to make room so the baby could have his or her own little shelf of stuff. So now, we have little baskets in there that will be for his or her small toiletries and then we have already gotten some Johnsons&Johnsons Head to Toe wash and the Night Time Body Lotion, also gifts to us. YAY for all of that!!

I think we have officially decided on a crib and changing table set. We have also decided on bedding for either a boy or girl. And....... EXCITEMENT PEOPLE!!!-- We have picked our baby names (for now anyway)! Another "Eeeekkkk" could probably go here. Especially since we never could agree before on names. My registries are officially finished! And I think that is it for the beginning stage of preparing for a child. Amazing, the feeling of shopping for your first child. Seriously, I am beyond excited. And Mr. Man keeps asking when we are going to start buying things. I think he's a little anxious, too!

Question: Is there an awesome breastfeeding book you would recommend? I am looking to purchase one, and I have a few in mind, but I  would like other's opinions if you have it. Thanks!

So, that's that on our Journey to Baby C!

Tomorrow I will hit my new week mark, so I will hopefully post up 4 pictures that you guys have not seen yet!

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