Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guest Post- (Sept. 18, 2010)

Since I have opened my blog up to guest bloggers, Holly contacted me as a new blogger to help her blog get going and to offer a little something, something to my readers. This post is absolutely amazing, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! Please show her some love at her amazing blog! She is so sweet, and I promise you will not regret it!

Hello! My name is Holly, and I am the proud new(ish) owner of a blog that answers to the name of yourstrulyh.  The Cajun Bombshell (and future momma) has been kind enough to open her little space to guests, and of course I jumped at the chance! I have loved reading about her "bump" updates ( how much would you love to start out with that FLAT of a tummy!?!?!)  and hope I can contribute something worthwhile to her little corner.  

     Today, I want to talk to you about having Hard Conversations.  You know the ones- money, love, awkward social situations, apologies.  We've all HAD to initiate them, and we've all (ahem) tried to avoid them.  Well, take it from me- you should stop doing that.  You should stop doing that right now.  Here's why:  
     The opportunity for my husband and I to go to Guatemala on a missions trip presented itself months ago.  Having been to Central American twice, I was stoked.  This was right up my alley.  I am a girly-girl.  Truly.  But give me some old tennis shoes, a bottle of clean drinking water, and a ticket to a third world country, and I will meet you there.  

Tim (my husband) was just feeling "fine" about the idea of going (his words, not mine).    

Later, we received the payment schedule and the passport applications, and all that paperwork sat on the shelf collecting dust for weeks. 

We might go.  We would talk about it.  Being the one who was slightly more "into" it, I knew it was my job to take the lead.  

But I put it off.  I did.  I really and truly did.  I put it off even more than going to the dentist.  It was bad.  I knew we would have to have Conversations.  That's right.  Conversations.  Hard talks about money and taking time off work and Central American Tarantulas.  

Last Sunday was the "Official Commitment Meeting."  We needed a $600 deposit and the guts to decide to travel to a different country next summer.  

So it left me scrambling...all over town trying to scrounge up the money (I have 2 very SMALL 'rainy day' savings accounts from before we got married...Tim knows about both).  Had I just fessed up and been a good communicator  instead of a big fat chicken, we could have talked months ago.  We could have made a plan.  Set a goal.  We could have saved some cash.  

Well, lesson learned.  After an entire afternoon at various banks and one tear-filled conversation over dinner- we are going.  Did I also mention that I felt the need to apologize?  I mean, REALLY I did (gulp!).  

So, on this warm, Autumn Saturday, I want to tell you to TAKE COURAGE.  Be brave.  Be bold. Be humble.   Go apologize.  Go tell someone That Really Cool Story You Fear Might Be A Bit Silly.  Go have *that* conversation.  It's so much easier in the end.  Trust me.  I'll make you a deal.  You have yours and I'll go have mine...which has to do with none other than ((ahem)) babies- which only seems fitting for our friend and mama-to-be, The Cajun Bombshell.  

Love and braver chats, 

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  1. Great post! I can totally relate to you. I've had to take that plunge a couple of times and it usually has worked out in my favor. I agree, be brave!


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