Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter from whomever it may be!

Today IS Valentine's Day. But what is Valentine's Day exactly? I know the story of how it has become a day of celebration between begin two intimate people. Now, the question is what is it to us - Mr. Man and Mrs. Ma'am.

We have spent 1 Valentine's together, and that was just two years ago upon his return from Qatar. He got back at the end of January, but he had already returned to work. Technically, we really did not get to spend it together because he left that morning to go on a TDY for a couple of days. But we were able to celebrate it. That consisted of Ihop for breakfast before he had to leave and I had to return to work. Over the weekend, Mr. Man and I discussed this, and I told him that we have never celebrated Valentine's Day because he had always been gone but it did have me thinking. So I ask him exactly what I was thinking - "I really have no idea what you are suppose to get someone for Valentine's Day. What would I get you?" We do not even buy us things for our anniversary. We spend it together however we want by renting movies, going out to eat, being lazy, taking a trip, etc. We get small gifts to follow the tradition of the traditional gifts, but that is it. Mr. Man just kind of hesitated and was like, "Well I would get you flowers and a card." I was like, "Oh, that's so sweet." But at the same time, I was thinking that's pretty much what we do for our anniversary, so why should Valentine's Day equal our anniversary gifts. It shouldn't. We already have a special day to celebrate our love, to celebrate our life together. We really do not need two.

Mr. Man left for Germany, and of course this morning when I woke up, I got on my email to see if he had emailed me yet. He had not, but I had lots of things from Facebook. I get on Facebook to check them, and I see nothing  but status updates on what people got for Valentine's Day. Things from a brand new kindle to diamonds to surprise vacations to all sorts of things. That's when I said, "Oh, that's what people get for Valentine's Day." Is that not pathetic?! I really could not think passed the flowers, candy, stuffed animal, and a card as a gift. I laughed at myself hysterically. But then the more I thought about it, the more I wondered what these people get for their anniversaries or their birthdays or any other occasion. Mr. Man and I actually do not buy each other birthday gifts either. We normally do something together to celebrate. It blows my mind. I guess because I have no clue. I've never experienced it, and now I really do not care to because I would rather save it for our Anniversary. For me, it's just another day. Another excuse for people to get gifts, especially women. They always expect top notch things. I am definitely not knocking them at all because it's nice. It's sweet of someone to give their significant other something so nice to express their love for them. I'm not taking that away at all. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it since we have never celebrated it on the actual day. It was more about, "What would I get Mr. Man if he was here?" I seriously could not think of a single thing. Does that make me a bad wife? Makes me feel like one when I see what other people have gotten.

So now... since I am an odd ball and never can decide what type of things to get my husband for certain occasions, what did you receive this Valentine's Day? What did you get your Husband/Significant Other? What about your children and/or fur-babies?

I think our ideal celebration would be a home cooked meal, buffet-like, in our own house with a candlelit dinner and a couple of movies.

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