Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This week is finals, so I thought to re-energize and kick start my week off I would go get a massage. I have been getting massages fairly regularly for over a year and a half now, and I absolutely love it!

This time was no different. I had one huge knot in my upper back in my right shoulder blade. It was extremely bad. It had been causing me pain, so I knew it had gotten bad. When she was rubbing it out, I could feel it breaking down, cracking, and popping. Wow! Talk about an eye opener. I seriously had it bad. But after we got to talking about why it was so bad on just that one side, we found out it was because that's the side the baby's legs stay on. Not her body, but her feet. Her feet are always up in my ribs so when I sit down, I try to stretch that side of my body out so she is not crammed up and causing me pain. I never had any problems doing this, but it obviously has had an affect on me. From pulling my shoulders up on that side and slouching to the left to give her more room for her feet, I have caused that huge knot. She got it out, and I am so thankful she did. And now I will be going back more often. I guess it is just the time in the pregnancy where things like that start tensing up even if I am not realizing it.

I have had no complications and not many aches and pains. I only get achy whenever I miss the gym, and I learned that real quick! But I guess now even though working out stretches out those muscles and areas of my body, I guess it is just not enough. I decided I will just get massages more often to help ease the tension. She told me that it was starting up in my lower back, which I feel the baby in my hips already. I was not surprised when she told me that, so I guess massages every 2 weeks instead of once a month is what I will be doing now. But I am definitely not complaining!

While I was there, I decided to buy my friends that are hosting my shower here in England a gift voucher for a 1 hour massage. I racked my brains on what to get them, and I could not decide on anything. I thought maybe a manicure and pedicure would be nice, but then I know 2 of the 4 of them are not that girly so probably would not be all excited about it. That's when a light bulb went off, and I realized they all would love a massage. Who wouldn't?! I got them each a full body 1 hour massage and if they would like any more services, like a facial, they can just pay the difference. How awesome is that! I thought it was such a great idea. I just hope they enjoy it as much as I think they will. I also paid extra so they can have evenings or weekend appointments. I can not wait to give it to them! I am so excited!

Another thing I noticed is that she is certified to give baby massages. I know most people are like, "That is ridiculous and outrageous." But I took a class to learn how to do it, but I still do not feel comfortable doing it. I was thinking how awesome it would be to send Baby A to get a little massage after she is a few months old. Who knows if I will actually do it, but I am very curious. Does any one have any experience with this? Any suggestions or opinions? Definitely curious.

Soon I will be posting this weeks meal plan! I hope you guys had a nice weekend and a good start to this week!

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