Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Class in New Program!

Can you believe that it is already time for finals in my first class within this new program?! Seriously, it has been 4.5 weeks already! I just can not believe how fast time is flying. I am starting to get super excited about finishing school and starting my career.

This whole new program seems so laid-back. I take 1 class for 5 weeks, but I will begin overlapping and doubling as soon as I can get it going. I had to take this first class by itself because it was more of an introduction class along with learning how to manage yourself and balance life. I had already taken a class similar to it, but it ties in to my career field. As the week's went it on, it forced me to find resources to use for my professional career. It has been a great time. I felt from the very beginning that it was so slow and so boring. Maybe because I had already taken something similar and the work seemed semi repetitive, but I think most of it came from the simple fact that I am use to having to write multiple papers a week along with submitting answers to discussion questions and interacting with my classmates. It is very similar with this new program; however, it was only one class. I am hoping that I can overlap my next two classes before Baby A is born. That way I can take 2 weeks off without getting behind, then ease my way back in to it while Mr. Man is still at home with us. I really do not want to take a break or lose any time with school. In this class (which will be the same for all classes), I have to do Team Assignments. This was my first time doing it, and I am seriously such a CONTROL FREAK! I have always known I am a control freak, but seriously this brought it out. I have to say that I was blessed with an awesome team, and we all really put forth the effort to make it as smooth as possible. And that it was. It was so calm and laid back. All of our personalities fit well together, and we received very high scores. I was impressed. However, I do think it is something I will constantly be focused on, worrying about, or getting anxious over. Overall, I have to say this was a successful 5 weeks, and I definitely look forward to the many more to come!

Yay for completing my first full course while being officially in my Bachelor's side of it all!


  1. I want to finish up my masters in early childhood but right now how our "one year left in Alabama" pans out we are expecting to get pregnant. The grad school I was accepted to unfortunately wont allow me to take a semester off and finish in the allotted time. I'm dying to finish school but I guess it will have to wait for me. Your smart in pushing though and getting it done!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first course, chickadee! It's taken me nearly 10 years to make it through my Bachelors, and now I'm down to my last few classes. So I feel can do it!!

  3. Glad to hear you are doing great in school, keep up the great work:)


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