Friday, February 11, 2011

32 Week Appointment:

I had my 32 Week appointment on Monday, and it went great. I have only gained 22 pounds since pre-pregnancy, which I am extremely happy about. I'm sure I will pack it all on very soon, but I am happy with where I am now. Actually, I really want to have that feeling of eating and eating and eating and never getting full. But for some reason, I do not get that leisure. I eat too much, and I get sick. Boo for that! I guess it is a good thing after all.

So the appointment, it went well. Just the normal, except I had my first male doctor. Mr. Man was not able to make it so I got a lot of random questions. First he asked me if I was married. Then asked if I was active duty. Plus many more questions. It was weird, and I kind of started digging into it to figure it out but I decided that was not smart. It was funny, though. He felt the baby, measured the baby, and even played with the baby. He was very professional and very calming. It made me so much more comfortable. I really thought I was going to have a hard time with it, but now I see why I had male OB-GYN's in the states and pre-military. Now, I know that no matter if I get a male or female on Birth Day I will be completely comfortable and happy. I'm just glad I was able to figure that out before.

Everything is official now. More official than ever. Everything is booked. Paperwork is being started, about to be submitted. Tours are confirmed. Birth plan in place, which is not much of one. Not only that, but the doctor decides to tell me, "I do not want to scare or worry you, but she is already really low. I doubt you make it to April." I just looked at him and said, "I guess we sha'll see what happens." He said, "Wow, even as low as she is, she still takes up your WHOLE body." Yes Doctor, I have noticed this myself. Her feet are still in my ribs and her head is in my hips. To be fair, I have not been gaining a pound every week like they said I should be. I eat a lot, and I have not changed my diet. But I have gained 2 (maybe 3) pounds in the last 6 or so weeks. It shows differently with my belly shots (as I put my weight) because I weigh myself differently every time. For example, I will weigh at night some times, morning others, and midday for others all wearing different amounts of clothes. With the doctor's office, they weigh me the same time every time dressed the same way. That's the one I go by mostly. Of course the baby is growing, I am just not. I wish I would, I really do. Anyway, I have been feeling her move lower and lower this last week. I can feel my hips spreading (even though clothes don't fit differently yet) and adjusting. When she hiccups, it's in my bottom (which is funny). For Mr. Man to feel them, he has to put his hand on my bum or my lower back. Awesome, huh?! That summarizes my appointment for the most part.

Of course, I tell Mr. Man all about this and he goes straight in to nesting mode. He had a ceremony to go to tonight for one of his troops, so he did not have to go to work until after the ceremony, which means we spent the whole day together. He loaded both car seats into each car. American car seat in my car. British car seat in his car. He also put the stroller frame in the trunk of my chair and asked me nicely to put together our hospital bags, which I was not going to do until 36 weeks. Good thing we went shopping for some things this weekend that we will need since he is leaving next week for a couple of weeks and after that we will be busy with classes, pictures, tours, etc. He even put up her pack and play in our room, brought now her mini bed to the living, and brought out some of her toys to reachable area. We even finished up her nursery for the most part. We just want to add a couple of more things. It's so cute to see him trying so hard, being so involved. I am also finishing up the washing and such. And to be honest, I AM NOT nesting. At least I do not feel I am. It's more of "I know this will be coming in and need to be washed, and this will be taking place and I don't want to get overloaded so I will go ahead and work on things as I get them." What am I going to do when I do start nesting? Right now, I'm just planning. This is how I am about EVERYTHING. Mr. Man calls me a psycho control freak. I admit I am a control freak, at least can be. He does not think I will ever nest like a "true nester." He says because I have basically been "nesting" the whole pregnancy. Thanks to being a control freak ;) I can say I agree with that, for sure.

I just find it ridiculously funny that we will be driving around with empty car seats and my Buddha belly for potentially another 8 weeks. Nice, huh?!

Sorry this post got so long. I guess I got carried away with updating. Next week, I will show some updated pouch pictures and nursery pictures. 

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  1. That's super sweet of him! The baby coming is very exciting, I'm sure you'll gain more weight soon though!


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