Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr. Buttons, My Guard Dog

Lately things have been so crazy. Crazy as in lots of things have been changing for me, and it is starting to creep me out. Like on Monday, when the doctor tells me he would be suprised if I made it until April. Then I go to the Arts and Crafts Center to mold and paint some ceramics, and when I walk in, the ladies there say, "Oh wow, I can see such a difference in your belly. She has definitely dropped some." A day or two later my husband decides to tell me "how much bigger" I am getting in such a short period of time. (Thank goodness I am proud of my Pouch!) I knew I was growing because now I have to sit with my legs spread because my stomach has moved that low. When I sit on the couch, it almost touches the couch between my legs. It's insane. I have to learn back when I use the toilet or else it would be so uncomfortable with my tummy as squished up. Anyways, a day later from that, Mr. Buttons starts acting really, really weird.

With all this going on, I keep asking my baby boy if he knows something I do not know. Because I would like to know why he is my little guard dog, like super guard dog. I use the restroom and he sits in between my legs looking out like he will attack anyone that tries to go in the bathroom without permission. (lol) He lays on the mat right by the bath tub while I soak to relieve some aches. He never has done this before. Generally, he would go no where near the tub because he thought he would be getting a bath. Instead he would lay by the sinks or outside the door. Not anymore. He's right up in my grill. While I work on school work, he sits by me with his little ears poked straight up like he is being super attentive and just stares at me. I really wish I knew what was going through his head and why he is acting like this. I am sure he senses the baby and all, but I always wonder if it is more. Whenever we are busy working around the house, he goes lays in Baby A's room. When we go to look for him, he is always laying in her room by her bed. It's so sweet. But he use to never leave our side. Now, Mr. Man will get up out of bed before me. Normally Mr. Buttons would go downstairs with him to go outside and such. Not anymore. He stays in bed with me until I finally work up enough energy to get out of bed. My little protector. When I sit on the couch to fold clothes or watch TV, he lays right on top of my belly. He uses it as pillow. But it's so cute (and funny looking) because Baby A likes to kick him. And her kicks are getting really strong, so whenever she kicks him, his poor little head jumps. He doesn't even care. It's almost like he enjoys it and finds it comforting. I really hope he turns out to be the perfect big brother that loves to play with her and snuggle with her just like he does with me and Mr. Man.

But still... all of these odd things happening and I can't help but wonder. Wonder about it all. The ladies in ceramics, the doctor, Mr. Buttons, me growing so fast, etc.

My puppy is special. Special as in owns my heart!


  1. I think he senses that there is something going on. Dogs are really smart, this post makes me smile. Maybe Mr.Buttons senses that "time" could be getting closer! He will be the perfect big brother for Baby A.

    I hope my fur-babies are like Mr.Buttons when we decided to have a munchkin of our own!

  2. He knows what's going on.
    He's not only protecting you, because he knows that you're in a delicate condition, but he's claiming ownership of the "creature" inside of you (not calling your baby bad names, but that's what the dog is thinking).
    We had a weimeraner that did the same thing for me. Once my son was born, he'd guard the baby. He'd even come to find me to let me know that the baby was about to wake up.
    Animals amaze me!


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