Friday, February 18, 2011

Shopping: Hospital Bag

I know I mentioned a week or so ago that me and Mr. Man went shopping to top off my hospital bag since it was the last available weekend that we had before we needed it. Well there is a funny story to it that I have to make sure I document.

We went to my favorite place here in the UK to shop. I had a list of specifics that I needed. They were some tanks, pajama pants, a robe, basic bras, big underwear, specific kind of socks, etc. etc. The normal really, nothing out there and just wanted things to be simple.

Of course, Mr. Man was with me because we were going to go out to eat afterward. As we walked through the store, I told him that we were ONLY buying what was on my list and he could get a few things. So we go to get my stuff first. Started out in the pajama/lingerie section since that was what most of my list consisted of. I walk up and I start digging through the pajamas trying to pick a couple out. Mr. Man walks up to me and says, "You have to get these!" I looked at him like he was absolutely bonkers! I replied, "You're joking right? You want me to walk around in the hospital with those on?" His answer, "Yes!" as he stuffs them in our shopping bag. Soooo... these awesome pajamas that Mr. Man picked out for me are cow print. Inside joke throughout this whole pregnancy for us. He just calls me a cow and randomly moo's at me all the time. Not only are they cow print,  but the waist band part says "Moody Cow".  Ummm, thanks husband! I can not believe I laughed hysterically with him for about 10 minutes in this section of the store while trying to picture me wanting around in the hospital with those pants on. Not only that, but knowing there would be lots of pictures taken. Really? But I do have to say when we look back, it will be so funny and will make such great memories.

So onto the next, a robe. I start digging through the robes. I wanted a dark blue or black one. Mr. Man walks up behind me with a..... you guessed it! A cow print one! Another good 5 or so minutes of hysterical laughing as we talk about how funny it is going to be to look back.

Next stop, underwear. I was going to just buy a simple pack of black undies. That's all I wanted. Nope, that wasn't what Mr. Man had in mind. He walks up with some "Wonder Woman" underwear. I look at him "your joking, right?" He automatically shakes his head before I can even say a word. Those go right into the bag. Finally, I just told him to finish my shopping while I waited outside because I did NOT  want to walk up to the cashier with those things. But he made me wait it out.

As we approached the cashier (which was a young man), I just started hysterically laughing. Like I seriously needed to walk away and go find something to do. Mr. Man wouldn't let me. As he was scanning the items, I saw more things that Mr. Man didn't even take the time to show me that he was adding to the shopping bag. I have so pig socks. The top of them have a nose and ears and my toes have a tail!! Yes, he got me some crazy socks, too!! I was just in shock the whole time, but I learned my lesson. Never let my husband carry my shopping bag for me ever again. He's too much of a joker!

As I am walking out the door, I am just shaking my head and giggling. Mr. Man is standing up tall and proud with a big smile on his face. He is freaking hilarious. He is so proud, and he made sure I packed all of the items he chose in my bag! He's such a trip.

Looks like our hospital trip will be more of an adventure than we ever thought!


  1. haha, too cute! I can imagine my husband being the same way :)

  2. That is such a great story! You will look back 10 years from now and laugh hysterically!

  3. Hello Cajun Bombshell ;) I just found your blog hopping around the blogosphere and I'm so glad I did - I love finding other 'wives'--- while we aren't in the military, I do follow my soontobe hubby around the world for his hockey career. We are currently living in Germany but call New England home in the summer. Your puppy is too cute! I have an english bulldog, he drives me insane, but I'd certainly go insane without him while living over here! Anyways, just wanted to stop and leave you a little note - I'm now following you and look forward to reading more of your adventures overseas.


  4. That's so cute! You guys will look back and laugh and you can tell your little one these funny stories!

  5. LOL Love it! =) If I remember correctly what kind of an emotional mess I was during my pregnancy, those pj pants would be very fitting for myself! lol


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