Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday 5:

So, it's been a while since I have done a linky party. I haven't done one in ages because normally I am just not around and always miss the fun. The last time I did this one, it was done by someone else but with the same concept. It has migrated over to Flip Flops and Combat Boots Someone I have been following since I started my blog over 2 years ago... 

The words are:


1. I am Joyful that I have started an organizing project. I haven't given it a name or even started working on the binder, but I have been writing down my ideas. In preparation of our upcoming PCS! (August 2012)

2. I am Excited to plan my daughter's first birthday festivities! Birthday theme, outfits, photo session, gifts, and a vacation! 

3. Even though we have not gotten our orders and we are will no longer be overseas, I am Grateful for the opportunities I have had while in the UK! And I am continuing to enjoy the last few months here.

4. I am an Appreciative person. I appreciate everything in life, and I always reflect on my adventures. This week - having my husband home by 5pm once this week. Yes, you heard me right. That is an odd thing for us! 

5. I am Elated that my family have booked their flights to come see Baby A for her first birthday! 

Now, you come join the fun!! 


  1. I can't believe she is 1 already! WOW!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That sounds like a lot stuff going on. Have you found out where you are going to next?

  3. 1st Birthday Parties are always so much fun!


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