Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow Day (A week ago)

Last week we had a lot of snow come over. Well, not as much as Alaska, but enough for us to play in. It was Baby A's first snow here at the house, so we wanted to get out and enjoy it. Everything on base was shut down and they stopped people from driving on all the bases around us. We were stuck at home, so we decided to take Mr. Buttons out to the field to run around. Mr. Man also finally got the opportunity to fly his remote control airplane that he got for Christmas. It is pretty cool. It has a camera and such. We went out to the field and Baby A was so curious about the airplane. She watched it very closely. She loved being outside and in the snow. Of course, Mr. Buttons went running everywhere and got lost doing his own thing. Once Baby A started to get tired, we took her back home. I went inside and put her to bed and Mr. Man began working on the snowman. I wanted to build one to get some pictures with Baby A, which ended up not happening. Once I put the baby down for her nap, I went outside to help Mr. Man with the snowman. We made a very big one!! And of course, once that was finished, Mr. Man thought we needed to have a snowball fight. He also body slammed me into the snow. Well, it was fun. I'm not going to lie. But anyone who knows me, knows that I am not really excited about doing all of that in blue jeans. I learned my lesson 2 years ago when my whole body was snow burnt red from being cold... but I couldn't feel it? Anyway, this year I was safe and it was fun. Here's some pictures.

*Beware - loads of pictures. 

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