Sunday, February 19, 2012

Favorite Toys: 0-3 Months

Baby A started to get interested in toys when she was just over two months old. By interested, I mean she began noticing lights, sounds, and movement. Here are the ones that always caught her attention, and the ones she would try and grab and/or stare at for a long time.

These are in no particular order.

1. This bus was purchased from Walmart. It was one of the first toys I pulled out for her whenever she started grabbing things because the shapes were perfect size for her. She still plays with this toy now and loves it just as much.

2. These bugs were places on her car seat almost immediately after she was born. I believe she was about 3 weeks old when I put them on her seat. Mr. Man was getting ready to leave, and I knew I wanted something to keep her preoccupied while I drove us wherever we needed to be. She still plays with these, and they have never fallen off of her seat! 

3. This panda was an immediate hit with her. She loves music, and each limb plays music. She loved to stare at it and always smiled when I made it play music. I think it was because it was black and white. This is another toy that she definitely still adores now.

4. Out of all the rattles we had, this one was her favorite. I really think it was because of the squiggly shape that the wires were. They were so easy to grab. This was the first rattle that she actually made rattle, too. She doesn't play with many rattles any more, but I do leave some in the diaper bag and car to occupy her when we are driving or out in public doing things. She does still play with them, but not inside the house. 

5. These little guys were also an immediate hit with her. She loved that she could grab them and they were soft too. They also rattle. She loved the blue elephant. It was one of her first toys that she really thought was just too awesome to let her eyes off of. It stayed connected to her playmat for a long while. She does still play with these toys, too. Again, mostly when we are out and about or in the car. 

We were blessed with the amount of gifts we received from our showers. We need not purchase any of these ourselves, but I know they are all available on Amazon. I am sure you could find them at Walmart and/or Target. 


  1. My son has a pig just like that Panda. He always really liked it too!

  2. The carseat toys are the best!


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