Friday, February 3, 2012

Natural Cleaners: Learning the Basics

Recently, I have gotten really big into making and using all natural cleaners for the house. I use all natural products for the baby, and I stick with the basics but for some reason I did not do this with me and Mr. Man's daily life. Why? Really, I have no clue. I guess it was an importance on my list until Baby A came along. 

I thought I would share things as I learn them myself. I am hoping to have our house 80% all natural by the time we get ready to PCS at the end of the summer. 

Here is some tips I have learned so far: 

Baking Soda is a great naturally abrasive ingredient with mild alkaline properties, it’s also a natural deodorizer and stain remover, and it rinses easily, is completely non-toxic (no more dangers for kids and pets licking surfaces that you’ve cleaned) and it’s extremely affordable.

Vinegar is an all natural and mild acid, it’s also a known disinfectant that can remove stains, sanitize, and it’s also completely non-toxic and inexpensive. It should be noted that it shouldn’t be used on stone surfaces or acetate fabrics but there are many other natural cleaning methods that work for those surfaces.

Hydrogen Peroxide is also non-toxic (learn more about it and it’s many uses here) and is known to be a natural bleaching agent with disinfectant and stain removing properties. It’s also extremely inexpensive.

All Natural Tea Tree Oil And Grapefruit Oil (which have known antibacterial properties) And Lemon Juice (which naturally cuts grease and leaves a totally fresh scent) are also extremely helpful to have in your all-natural cleaning arsenal.

Now, I am learning on how to put them together to create the solution that I feel is suitable for me and my family! I will post some of them as I try them out! 

Do you have any tips for all natural cleaners? Laundry detergent? Have you been brave enough to try changing your shampoo? Give me your tips! 

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  1. I too never used natural cleaning products in mine and the hubs daily life but now that baby girl is here I've been starting. I've alwYs used vinegar to wash or floors but I love cleaning with bleach. Which I know is harsh. I just bought all new natural cleaning supplies from the brand seventh generation. I'm going to switch to their laundry detergent too. However I think when I run outta these supplies I'm just going to clean with vinegar and water. Much cheaper. I've been wanting to switch my shampoo but don't know what kind to switch it to lol


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