Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Line Up

Mr. Man went to Poland for a few weeks. While he was gone, our internet went down. This is why I haven't been blogging. When the internet did kick in, I had to do things that needed to get done instead of doing the fun stuff. The kids definitely kept me on my toes as well. A was all over the place, and now E is crawling. They both seem to go opposite directions. A is such a big help, though. She loves to tickle E, sleep with her, read to her, and play with her. A shares very well and loves E so much.

During my time off, I really sat back to think about what my blog is about and what I find myself wanting to write about. The most seems to be Beauty, Health/Fitness, our life to-do's, Travel, and food. Menu Plan Monday hasn't been working out like I plan because we are on a different schedule then before. With that said, this is what I have worked in.

Make-up Monday - This will consist of health and beauty. Either things I want to try, things I have bought, reviews, what I am wearing, etc.

Wednesday will be Mommy things. Preschool prep with A, what the girls are doing and learning, clothing hauls for them, etc. Basically parenting and all about them. No clever name for this yet. Any ideas?

Friday will be Family Fun Friday. This will include our travels, adventures, weekend fun, etc. Things we do as a family.

All other days will be my randoms if I have randoms. For example, if there is a request for a recipe or instructions for something I posted about, then that will be on Tuesday or Thursday. Saturday's we are never home and if we are, we live outside so it will be my blog free day for sure. Some posts may be scheduled. That will happen if I know I won't be around to post, but there is something I want to post about and I have time to do it in advance.

I am thinking about having a day of advertising for my favorite custom boutiques with reviews and pictures because I catch myself wanting to share our adorable purchases and my girls' modeling pictures. This will be done on Sundays, but right now I am not sure they will be done on every Sunday unless some of you out there have businesses that you would like to share with me or do a guest post for me to put up. Yes, I love to shop, but I'm not sure I could post something new every Sunday. I could post repeats during different seasons based on what they are offering, but that is about it.

So what do you guys think? I know this is definite change from where it was. I know many of my followers are no children, military wives who started to follow me pre-parenting, pre-Italy, and so forth. I hope you will stick around, and I hope to gain new followers and friends!


  1. It seems like things always break when the men are away. I just wrote a post about my evil washing machine. Glad you're back up and running, and I look forward to reading the new line-up

  2. things do break when the men are away. It's so frustrating! Looking forward to upcoming posts.


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