Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I am going to try and schedule some amazing posts while I am going to go up while I am away. I will be returning August 25, so that Monday may be off schedule as well. I hope to have the blog up and running again by the following Wednesday to keep it on track.

On another thought, I had planned on doing a back to school giveaway. I had started gathering items, but then my husband left and the internet went down for weeks. I do have a few items, but I haven't had time to post anything about it. Would there still be interest?

If I could get... ehhh... maybe 5 people to comment and show their interest, then when I return it will be one of the first things I get up!!

For the vacation, I leave tomorrow. We are going to Spain. Barcelona and Madrid. We may sneak some day trips and beach days in there. Then we return on the 23rd, and on the following Saturday we are bringing the girls to a water park as the last big "woo hoo" before school starts.

Be ready for some.... scheduled posts! :)

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