Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Country Living at its best or worst?

The FUNNIEST thing just happened to me today, but it definitely was not funny while it was happening. Mr. Man is gone. Myself and the girls went for our walk this afternoon. On our way out, I noticed some geese hanging out on top of a hill by the road in a family's yard. This yard is not fenced in. It is a garden, too. They geese, ducks, all kinds of things. I stopped and pointed them out to A. We watched them for a few seconds then off we went on our walk. On our way back, we passed it again. We didn't acknowledge this time, but they had other ideas. One of them ran down the hill and chased me all the way home! Well, to our road. It wouldn't cross the road, thank goodness. It was running behind me and biting at my butt. It wasn't hissing or anything. It didn't seem to be doing anything aggressive. A was laughing her head off. I was laughing, but I admit I was scared because I had no idea how to stop it. I started running from it and it followed me until I crossed the road to get to our house. Cars were honking at me and everything. I just know it had to be a sight.... It was HILARIOUS now that I look back! I know I looked so silly. I'm glad I decided to wear socks and shoes because I debated just wearing flip flops since I knew we wouldn't be going for long since I needed to also run to the store. Oh boy, looking back I laugh about it. But my heart sure was racing while it was happening. Oh well, country living at its best.

Mr. Man will enjoy this story when he gets back ;)

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  1. That is great! I have had that happen to me before. I was back home for a short stay over the summer and decided to go for a run around the lakes in the center of town. I ran past some geese and they started to chase me. I think they were so used to being fed when people came around that they just thought I had food for them. Needless to say I freaked and ran home.


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