Friday, August 9, 2013

Lazy Weekend

With us going to Spain in about a week, we have been enjoying our lazy weekends around the house. We have been focusing on cleaning up and tending to the garden so we can enjoy our Spain trip. Our weekends have involved so much outside time that it is unreal. Mowing, weeding, planting, swimming, sports, sprinkler fun, picking tomatoes and other fruits and veggies. This weekend I think we will be picking our radish pods and pickling them. We have several zucchini's that are ready as well. I think we will pick those as well and share some with our friends and neighbors. There are too many for us to eat alone. But then again, we do put zucchini in a lot of dishes.

I would love to put some pictures of the girls, so I will do that here. I know I haven't updated much on them or even posted many pictures lately. Here are a few:

Lets back track to April. This first picture of the girls shows how A always wants to entertain and be right there with E. They seriously can not get enough of each other.

These next several pictures show an afternoon of the girls playing outside. Between playing with water toys and buying them a new outdoor playhouse and slide, we spend a lot of time outside. 

I have a hard time with these pictures of A. 1 - she was/is going through a stage where she doesn't want a bow or ponytail. It drives me nuts and 2 - she refuses to wear a whole piece bathing suit. She hates the way it feels. But I really don't like her being in a two piece. Anyway, she's young... yes I know. 

And the new playhouse! 

She insisted E have a turn on the slide. Excuse the way I look! 


  1. That looks like such a cute playset! I understand your push for a one piece bathing suit but she might grow to like one later on so I wouldn't give up on it just yet. Maybe letting her pick out her own from a few you selected. It might help her take ownership of it.

    1. One of my local friends suggested the same thing. By that time, there were no bathing suits to be found. Of course the Italians only wear bottoms at her age, so there was no option to shop off base. But next year, I am definitely going to try that! Thank you!


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