Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Husband is The Sweetest:

Originally, I was going to blog about all the upcoming events that we are about to endure on this little journey we call life; however, last night Mr. Man tackled my heart.

We were laying in bed, and I could not sleep. Thanks to the Pouch being ever so large and Baby A constantly working her way down between my hips, I loose lots of sleep due to the exhaustion and pain. I was laying up on my pillows - basically sitting up - while Mr. Man laid in his spot and watched some TV. He kept asking how I was feeling, and I would tell him, "I'm fine." Well, I dosed off for about 5 minutes and when I woke up the TV was still on. The TV always wakes me up and makes me hot from the lights shining off of it (I know, weird). I politely asked Mr. Man if we could turn it off. To my surprise, he was sleeping! I felt so bad because I did not realize he was sleeping. But he did not get upset at me for waking him up. Instead he grabbed the remote, turned off the television, and snuggled up to my belly that was basically at his head and told me about how he was dreaming about us having the baby. This story is so sweet and makes me all happy inside, but the truth behind is....

This has been going on for a week now! Every morning I get to hear a new labor and delivery story, a new play date between Baby A, Daddy, and Mr. Buttons (and yes, sometimes me). Or I get to listen to visions that he sees in his dreams of her being older. It amazes me at how ready Mr. Man is for me to have this baby. I thought I would be the one that was impatient, anxious, nervous, etc. But in fact it is the complete opposite.

Every single night, he goes in her room and messes with her clothes, sits in the rocking chair and stairs at her bed. Every single night, he asks me if I'm ready. Every single night (and morning) he snuggles up to my belly and talks to her. Every single day as the days go on, he amazes me.

Not only that, but he is so supportive. Recently I have began having contractions and now with being so exhausted and achy, he has become so in-tune to me. He tells me to sleep when he realizes I am so tired. He temporarily puts me on bedrest (lol), too. He tells me if I go anywhere to ALWAYS have my phone with me and never to hesitate to call him at work. He's amazing. He does and says more than I have ever imagined.

He's going to be such a great Dad, such an amazing, supportive, gentle, loving father.

Ahhhh, he makes me smile....

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