Tuesday, March 29, 2011

39 Weeks:

Today I am officially 39 weeks. Baby A is still in, and no sign of her coming any time soon. She will definitely be our surprise baby. The belly is super low, and she is definitely in my hips. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday, and they did a cervix check and said I was only dilated 1cm. I was a bit surprised with that because I had went through false labor 3 times within the last week. The contractions kept me up all night, and they were definitely there. They were not necessarily painful, but they were definitely there. Each night, they lasted 3 to 5 hours long. I would have went to the doctor, but I just felt like it was not it. Mr. Man kept wanting to send me to the hospital, but I was against it because they were not intensing. Mr. Man is so anxious, so every little move or puff of breath, he asks me if I want to go to the hospital. It's too cute. It just makes me laugh. He's so funny. Other than that, there really is not much going on. I am still in school and will continue for the next few weeks. I'm pretty sure I will not take a break until the summer. I will only if Mr. Man does not end up getting deployed. My Mom and brother will be arriving here on Friday, and we have every intention on being able to go pick them up. I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday, so I will keep everyone updated.

As always, I'm sorry for slacking. We are just so busy with everything going on that we lose track of all the other things around us.

I can not wait until the day where I upload a beautiful picture of our beautiful baby and share our experience with all of you!


  1. I hope she comes soon! I can't wait to hear about her arrival and see her :)

  2. Wooo!! So soon! I bet you two are super anxious and excited to welcome the little gal into the world! :)

  3. False labor and only 1 cm dilated? Watch it! She may be planning a sneak attack!
    PS. I'm trying your Greek Chicken and Potatoes recipe tonight...wish me luck!

  4. Yay sooo close! Can't wait to see pics!


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