Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Us: Pre-Parenthood

I decided to write a blog post on what it is like on a typical week day for us before Baby A arrives. Since we are starting to get very close to her arrival, I would love to document the way our lives are before she gets here. After she is here, I will do one of these every so often as she reaches milestones and our lives change.

I chose a typical day where we did not have much to do. I thought it would be fairest way to see how our weekdays are on average versus a really hectic day going nonstop.

The day chosen is: Monday, February 28th, 2011

The only difference about this day is the simple fact that Mr. Man had to work the weekend, which means it was not a Monday for us. More like a Tuesday.

10:00am- Wake up.
10:15am- I start cooking breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, I made fried eggs, bacon, and biscuits for egg and bacon biscuits. For dinner, I made the Asparagus Chicken. When I first start this, Mr. Man generally takes Mr. Buttons out and lays on the couch for a bit. He watches a bit of TV until about 10:30am, then hits the kitchen with me.
10:30am- I am still cooking, and Mr. Man puts the dishes in the drain board away and unloads the dishwasher from the day before.
11:00/11:15am- We eat breakfast together while watching some TV. The food gets put on hold until after this. I normally work up to a stopping part. In this case, the dinner had to go into the oven for 30-45 minutes. That is when we ate breakfast.
12:00pm- I put the dishes in the kitchen and clean up the kitchen. Mr. Man turns on his UFC game on PS3 and plays one round. I also take out dinner at this point.
12:25pm- While dinner continues to cool, I sit and watch TV while eating a snack before the gym. Mr. Man begins packing his bag for the gym and work.
12:45pm- We both get ready for the gym.
1:00/1:110pm- We both leave (in separate cars) to go to the gym.
1:30pm- We work out.
2:30pm- Mr. Man is still working out, and I am due for lunch. I grab a panini or wrap with a side salad from the gym before heading out.
3:00pm- Mr. Man is finished in the gym and goes to the locker room to shower and get dressed for work. I leave and go run errands before heading home. I had to go to the post office.
3:30pm- I get home from base. Mr. Man leaves the gym for work.
4:00pm- Mr. Man begins his shift at work. He works until midnight. I work on school work until 7pm with snacks in between.
7:00pm- I take shower number 1 to get clean. 30 minute showers ROCK!
7:30pm- I sorted through some baby things that we received in the mail and finished putting up the clothes that were left from Sunday.
9:00pm- I take a bath to shave my legs. I take a long relaxing bath, too. GUILTY! An hour and a half!
10:30pm- I come back downstairs put away everything, take Mr. Buttons out one last time before bed, and turn off all the lights.
10:45/11:00pm- I go lay in bed and watch TV until I fall asleep.
Midnight- Mr. Man gets off of work.
12:30/12:45am- Mr. Man gets home from work. He eats again, takes a shower, plays a round on his video game, then meets me in bed.
2:00am- Bedtime for Mr. Man.

Only to do it all over again at 10:00am the following day!

I think as time goes on, it will be fun to look back and see how our lives and schedules have changed with a child. Hopefully, I can continue to do these just to show how things change and the milestones that we reach as a family. I hope you have enjoyed viewing our life for one day!

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