Thursday, March 3, 2011

Contractions: AHHHH!

I guess I actually have something exciting with this pregnancy to do an update, so I thought I would take advantage and do it.

When my pregnancy begin, it seemed that everything happened so fast. The changes in my body. However, I never experienced the typical pregnancy hormones. You know the ones that everyone just hates, but it seems to last forever. I never experienced those. So as each week went on, I felt like my weekly updates were boring so I kept the videos for ourselves (Mr. Man and I) and rarely updated on what was going on. Fixing up the nursery and traveling was much more exciting than what was going on with the pregnancy. I stopped doing updates on my blog because I did not want the pregnancy to take over the blog, but I also wanted everyone to know what was going on. Needless to say, there were some weeks were pregnancy posts did take over the blogs and others where I felt like I had absolutely nothing to blog about. This week is a different story and another week!

Today I reach my 35 week mark. I believe I mentioned somewhere in all my blogs that they moved my due date a couple of times. It was frustrating because it was hard to tell where I was at. I was measuring 2 weeks below, but other signs showed I was farther along. Of course, they went with my measurements. Now, I am 35 weeks (by measurements).

At 32 weeks, Baby A began to move down. Since I am a First Time Mom, I thought this was really soon. But in the end, I knew it was different for everyone. I had the very few aches and pains in my low back and sides. They lasted a couple of days until my body got use to it. It did not slow me down, but it was differently noticeable, especially in my "Pouch Pictures". At almost 34 weeks, I noticed she began to move down even lower. Mr. Buttons began to act weird. (See this post!) It slightly creeped me out because I still felt like it was early. Most everything I read and heard from people stated that their babies did not begin to move down until 34-35 weeks. She had already moved down twice by 34 weeks. Once again, I just told myself everyone is different.

Here I am 35 weeks and things are different. No longer is it just the Braxton Hicks. I can tell the difference. 35 weeks today, and Baby A has decided to take the plunge and move down even lower. Along with it came the true pains and exhaustion of baby carrying. This morning (Tuesday) I woke up and immediately had to use the bathroom.... TMI, but not just tinkle. I just blew it over because I had not felt much pain at this point. Not until I started walking around and doing stuff for the day. As the day went on, I have had contractions on and off. I keep telling myself maybe they are not contractions, but at the same time, what is it? Yes, I know sometimes when baby is low and moves it can be uncomfortable and even painful. But this is full blown tightness, pressure, and not always only when baby moves. Mr. Man said that every time I flinched from the pain in my lower stomach and tightness, he could see my stomach tighten up really hard. I have never looked down and noticed, but I took his word for it. I told him maybe it was me tensing up because some of them are really strong and painful, but they last only a few seconds. I thought as the day went on that they would ease up... Wrong! However, they are not regular. I'm not timing them or anything. I'm just sucking it up and moving on. Yes, I think about how I am only 35 weeks and maybe I should call the doctor, but I did not want to waste my time either. Chances are they would monitor me and send me home. I did not really want to waste my time. (But if they do get worse or more consistent then I would go in.)

As I sit here and think about all of this, I begin to realize that in less than a month we are no longer going to be "Mr. Man and Mrs. Ma'am", we are going to be "Mommy and Daddy". As excited as we are and so ready for this, it's still hard to imagine what it will be like to have a child, to have a daughter. We are beyond excited. Mr. Man is so ready for her to come out. He keeps asking me when it is safe to do something to get her to come out, and I just laugh at him and tell him a few more weeks. As much as I can't wait to meet her and have her here, I know I'm going to miss my "Pouch". I know I'm going to miss feeling her wiggle around. I know I'm going to miss having the "cute belly bump." I know I'm going to miss all this. So for now, I am trying really hard to take it all in and enjoy it. Plus, I know she is measuring small and we want her to come out big, healthy, and strong!

Can you believe that in 3-4 more weeks we are going to be parents?! Boy how time flies by!

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  1. Awesome being parents! we loved it and are still enjoying it even at 7&9 she loved the whole pregnancy experiences! Hang in there.

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    Thank You,
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