Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teacher Tuesday! Introduction

Hi guys!

I have been thinking about doing this for a LONG time now. I really wanted to do a day where I posted about education, lessons, free printables, anything educational for the young ones. Even though I stay at home and A attends the Italian school, I still do things with her for her own schooling here at home. The Italian school teachers her in both English and Italian, but there English isn't near as accurate as what she learns at home. With that, I find it very important for me to continue teaching and showing her things to keep her up to date with other American students her age. She is nearly 3 years old. She will be 3 in April, so I wanted to really buckle down and start doing more fun things with her. I thought the best way to inspire myself and others to continue this education or even bring more education into the home would be to share things we see, do, or have done with our children or even in our classrooms. I don't want this to be only for Toddlers and Preschool age. I would love to see it be well rounded through the Elementary ages. Most lessons can be adapted to any age groups anyways, but I thought some collabs and shares from other bloggers, vloggers, or pinners would be a great addition. This will not be a link up, but it can be a collab!

As a collab, I want to see other bloggers, vloggers, and/or pinners submit things. Your things will then be featured on my blog! It's super easy! There are a few ways you can do this.
1. You can blog or vlog about your lessons and/or activities. Then you can post it to your blog. You will need to email me your link, and I will then share it on my blog with your link. I will give you the week that it will be shared so you can let your readers know that it has been featured here.
2. You can write a blog and submit that blog to me. I will then publish your blog for you here. Again, I will let you know when yours will be published so you can let your readers know that you are being featured here.
3. If you already have a great educational post that was posted (at any time), it can be featured. You will need to send the link to me. I will let you know when it will post so you can share it with your readers as well.

This is NOT limited to teachers only. As parents (even day care providers or sitters), we are all educators. If we are with children, chances are we are guiding them to their future. I would love to see a wide range of this here on the blog.

There is also no limits to how many you can submit. I would love to see this continue for as long as we want.

If it becomes a success, I will open up a pinterest board for everyone to pin their ideas to it to keep it growing. I know there are MANY resources with games, activities, lessons, free printables, and more that we can have access to. The more we share those resources, the more education will be brought into our children's lives!

I have a passion for education. It comes from my love for children. I love to see them grow and learn. I love to see their little faces light up when they discover something new. I love to see them make new accomplishments and be so proud of what they have gathered and learned. This happens at ALL ages from infant to grown adults.

Lets share our desire to build our future generations and build a great support system within us.

There are no rules and no limits to who can join this fun. Lets just make it fun! Share with your friends, family, coworkers, etc and lets see what we can do!

Seasonal fun will be posted in preparation for the seasonal time that is approaching. Anything else will fill in the blanks.

I will start the weeks and continue until we start getting additional posts to be featured.

Please email me at Cajunbombshell1 (at) yahoo (dot) com to submit your educational blog, vog, or pin!


  1. Hi Christmas Exchange buddy! Your blog is adorable and I am so jealous you are in Italy. I was in Naples for a few months last year when my Navy hubby was tdy there. I loved it! I think I know why we were matched up :)

    Samantha @ amodernnavywife.com

  2. This is such a great idea. i'll have to make a few posts for this.


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