Monday, November 18, 2013

A's Modeling Portfolo Updated

Here will be A's modeling portfolio update.

A definitely doesn't get as many bookings as the past because of the increase in her age. Many boutiques like infants and babies, so she definitely has to work for her's. As her mother and photographer, I am ok with that. She has her days where she wants nothing to do with it, but then she has other days where she is all about it.

A is a different kind of girl. I would say she is a typical 2 year old who has her random tempter tantrums. She is more calm and more laid back. But she enjoys more boy-ish things than most little girls her age. Her favorite things are Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, dinosaurs, playing basketball, and digging for snails and slugs. She loves to play out in the rain and get dirty. You can find her in her rubber boots and running around the yard on any rainy or snowy day. When I pick her up from school, I more often finding her building with blocks, playing with trucks, and building a zoo with all the boys. She is not a picky eater and will try everything. She has found a love for chocolate recently. Probably thanks to Halloween. She is a Daddy's little girl, and never leaves his side. She begs for him in the mornings, and cuddles him all afternoon and into the evenings.

She is getting so big. Her vocabulary and sentence building is pretty impressive. Every day she learns something new. She is starting to speak some Italian, so she blows our mind away fairly frequently. She sings bible songs and other nursery songs in both English and Italian. I'm pretty sure she has even fussed us in Italian as well.... She recently started showing her strong vocal chords... and holy cow. I would say I need me some ear plugs.

She is big! She weighs about 36 lbs and now wears a 3t or 4t in most clothes. She also has started gymnastics recently and loves cutting flips and trying to balance on things.

Here are some pictures of her. I hope you enjoy!

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