Saturday, November 2, 2013

A says the silliest things! AGAIN!

So I really enjoy documenting what A says because Mr. Man comes in and checks out the blog on ocassion and this is where he finds out some things about the girls' days.

Here's one from today:
While watching Iron Man (yes, I know. Not the best choice, but she loves superheroes....)
A: I yike Iron Man.
Mommy: Mommy likes Iron Man too.
A: Yes. I think he cute.
Mommy: Oh you do?
A: A want to kiss him.
Mommy: You want to kiss him????
A: I want to hug him too.
Mommy: Awww, you're so sweet.

But really, my replies in my head were....
"I like Iron Man, too."
"Yea, Mommy does too."
"WHAAAA?! That's MY girl!!"
"Yep, she gets it from her Momma."

The conversation was cute, was funny. But if I had to choose a celebrity crush... I'm not gonna lie. It would be Iron Man.

I have seen him in other shows, and he definitely isn't as cute as he is portrayed in Iron Man. He's only my celebrity crush as Iron Man. Other than that, nope.... no celebrity crush! :)

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