Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Daddy - 012

Dear Daddy,

The last couple of days have been absolutely beautiful! Baby A and I went shopping yesterday. We bought her some adorable summer clothes. Now that she is actually growing into larger sized clothes, I can put new things on her! I'm so excited about this. She is so petite that it drives me insane. She is still wearing newborn pants and most newborn onesies, but she is up to 0-3 month sleepers. I would say she is in between sizes because she is still too small for the 0-3 sleepers, but most of the newborn sleepers are just a tad bit too small. I have just been interchanging them, trying to find which ones need to be packed away and which ones are still wearable. I have to say that I did actually cry the first time I put her in a 0-3 month outfit. I really love her being so small, and I really do not want her to grow too fast. I definitely want her to grow, but I just want these new moments to last a bit longer. I know you are ready for her to grow up, to be a bit bigger. I know you just want to talk to her and know what she is thinking, but I really love this newborn stage. Back to our shopping, I bought her a few outfits and me a couple of things. During this trip, I forgot a pacifier. I realized after I was halfway to wear we were going, and I refused to turn around. Good news is that she never once needed a pacifier. I am so proud of how good she is. She is just like me. She loves to be outside, loves to shop, loves to spend Daddy's money, and loves to take warm baths. She is just plain adorable! It was a successful day.

Today was another pretty day, still is actually. Now that the sun does not go down until around 10pm, we are going every bit of nice weather that we can. I took her for a walk this morning, like I always do. We took a pit stop at the baseball on our way back. We watched two spiders fight over a web. The really big one killed the little one. It was so sad. We just watched the jets fly over us and we relaxed. It was nice to be able to soak up some sun without it being too bright for Baby A and too windy. We enjoyed ourselves. When we got home, I packed me a small snack to take outside with Mr. Buttons to play. I laid Baby A on a blanket in the grass and played fetch with Mr. Buttons. He was so happy to be outside playing. Poor thing does not always get to walk with us because sometimes the construction people are out and in the middle of the roads, and I do not want to make the walk complicated by worrying about him and tangling him up. I feel so bad, but the stupid construction has gotten insane here. But at least I did take him out to play. He is due for a haircut soon, so I will be scheduling that the next chance I get.

School is still going really good. I am learning how to juggle doing everything around the house. It really is not as hard as I thought it would. Yes, we have our moments, but I do not see how so many people complain and overwhelm themselves by stressing over the small stuff. I just feel if I do not get to fold the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, life will not end. I pick back up the next day and they get done. Baby A makes it so much easier for me. Even though she loves to look around and see everything, she is so good. I can lay her down in certain areas and she loves what she sees. She likes to look outside just like Buttons does. I have learned how to prop her up on the couch with the Boppy pillow, so she can see. She hates to lay down. I have been cooking, too. I am very proud of myself for that. I also have lost 4 pounds since you have been gone. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I feel there is more I could do, like go to the gym more often. But sometimes I just get busy. As long as I am walking and jogging, I am happy for now. In reality, I should be focusing on losing the weight instead of lifting. And you know me.. I can't lift unless I am going as heavy as possible, so yea.

I just wanted to stop by and give you a more detailed note of what we have been up to. I keep myself busy all the time. Time is flying by for me, and this is just how I want it to be. Thank you for being such a great husband and Daddy, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

We love you and miss you!

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