Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Daddy - 035

Dear Daddy,

Today was a boring day. Mommy was going to take me and Mr. Buttons shopping, but it rained all day long. Instead of getting us all soaking wet and making all of us "fussy pants-es", we stayed home and watched Saturday morning cartoons. We watched a lot of Popeye and the old school Tom and Jerry. Mommy is going to take me for a walk here in a little bit to go rent a movie and buy some Pizza. You made Mommy hungry for pizza.... which means I get pizza, too! Poor Mr. Buttons has to wait another day to get some running around out of his system. The rain needs to stop because Mommy definitely needs to mow the grass.

Well, that's about all that is going on. Mommy says she will write you an update about her things when she has more time. Things have been hectic, like always.

We love you and miss you. We can't wait to talk to you again. Until then..... know that we love you very, very much!

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