Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Daddy - 009

Dear Daddy,

Today is Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day! I know you still had to work, but everything around here was so laid back. Mommy did some online shopping while I took lots of naps. I guess the BBQ on Saturday wore me out. Speaking of, Mommy brought me to a BBQ at one of your friends. Everyone loved me. They never put me down. I would say that they slightly spoiled me because Sunday I wanted Mommy to hold me all day. The BBQ was fun. There were some big dogs there that were very interested in me. Two cats also. When Mommy would feed me, the cats would try and get underneath the nursing cover to get to me, but Mommy wouldn't let them. They had a lot of hair, too. Big puff balls if you ask me. Mommy at some yummy food, and Frankie wanted me to watch Wall-E and Ratatouille with him. I did. I tried anyway. Sunday we did not go to church because we got home so late from the BBQ. Bad us, we know. But the sun going down at 10pm here is throwing our time cycle off. We forget it's late because the sun is still out. Today Mommy brought me for our morning walk. It was nice out finally. We were going to go on another walk and hit the gym, but it started raining. Go figure. Mommy said that she is going to try and go put gas in your car tomorrow. Hopefully she will make it and the weather will not be too bad. We have been taking a lot of pictures for you. Every single day we have new pictures for you. Mom is trying to stay on top of sending them to you, but I keep her busy. I now mock Mommy's facial expressions. I try anyway. I scrunch up my nose when she does and I make the snake face with her. I like to swing at my dangling toys too. I still can't grab them, but I definitely like to hit them and make them make noise. I can now lay on my tummy and hold my head up. Daddy, I really am getting so big. I can't wait for you to see how big I am now. But until then, I will just keep growing and Mommy will continue to video tape me and take lots of pictures. We love you and miss you and can't wait to talk to you again. Be sure to dream about us!

And to everyone else, I hope ya'll had a great long weekend!

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