Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Month -- Followups

Since our Two month appointment, we have had two followups. I figured it was time to update what had been going on.

The first followup appointment Baby A had gained 5 ounces. It was 10 days after her two month appointment. But the doctor did not think it was enough because he is trying to make up for lost time. I had been doing most of what he asked of me. Feeding every two hours, waking once at night, and taking FenuGreek. The only thing I was not doing was something that he offered as an option, which was supplement with formula. I knew that I did not want to supplement with formula on the first try. I really wanted to give it all I had before supplementing because I just did not want to loose my supply. Needless to say, it wasn't enough in the doctor's eyes. So he scheduled for another appointment in a week and gave me more recommendations. Supplement with formula or breastmilk after every feeding and wake her more often in the night and jump up my calorie intake. I had stopped working out and had already started kicking up my calorie intake, so that was already happening. I tried waking her in the night more often, but she just would not have it. She loves her sleep and she just couldn't be bothered. I tried everything from unswaddling her to changing her diaper to burping her to tickling her feet. Just about everything I could think of except for one option a pediatrician had recommended in the hospital after we gave birth - a bath. One night during that week I did try to wet her just to wake her up. It caused a screaming, tantrum, want to pull my hair out fit for the WHOLE entire night. I had decided never again. Baby A does not cry. She does not scream, she is a good baby. So this was so unlike her and just proof that she wanted me to leave her alone and let her sleep. Needless to say the feedings during the night were pointless because I would wake her up, get her on my breast, then she would pass out before taking anything in. I was losing sleep, she was losing sleep, and it was all for nothing. We went back to the doctor's office last week on Thursday and she had gained 3 ounces. In my eyes, she's gaining. That's great.

Well, still not enough. With this appointment that stressed supplementing. Me still grinding my teeth, I think to myself, "Ok, I can try supplementing with breastmilk after every feeding. If it doesn't work, then I know I really gave it my all and Baby A is just meant to be a small baby." Wondering where that came from? Think about it.... I am 4'11 and weighed around 100 pounds prepregnancy. Mr. Man is about 5'5 or 5'6 and weighs less than 160 at his biggest. (He drops to 140 during his cutting time. Before he started working out and was just straggly, he weighed about 150.) We are small people. There's  not much more you can expect from our child. Anyway, so here we are supplementing with pumped breastmilk after every feeding. I weighed Baby A yesterday and she has gained no more than the normal. She denies the bottle most of the time but if she does take it in, she loses it not long after that. We have another appointment on Thursday, and I get to see another doctor. Hopefully, he will be acceptable to Baby A's size so we can get back to sleeping 7-10 hour nights and being rest up for fun-filled days.

And yes, they did send me home with formula. But I wanted to try the breastmilk first. Needless to say that isn't working and if it that is making her spit up after feedings, what do you think the formula will do? Only be worse because it has more calories. She's spitting up from overeating. It's obvious. I'm pretty convinced that she is completely normal. My milk is completely normal. And she is just meant to be a small baby.

I'm interested in other people's opinions and experiences if you have them!


  1. Please don't let them force you to do something you don't want to do! You know your baby. You know what's best for her. I know exactly what you're going through. Good luck to you.

  2. I hate when the first thing doctors do is say to supplement when they know the mother breastfeeds. It aggravates me. You made this choice for obvious reasons and that should be the last step he suggests to you. I think he should know how to work around that. With that said the only thing that formals have is extra calories that may/may not be equivalent to your milk. However I always feel that mama knows best. You clearly have her needs first in all of this and the doctor should hear you out on all of your concerns. I would talk to the doctor and tell them that there is no one else there to give her the bottle which as you said is a problem. She wants mommy's milk from mommy like every normal BF baby. Like you said she is a smaller baby because she is a meant to be smaller baby. If she is on target with everything else and the only area is that she is not gaining enough for your doctor I would see if you could speak to a different one within the practice to get a second opinion. Preferably from someone who supports BFing. I know military Health insurance is tricky from experience but it might be worth the piece of mind for you.


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