Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Month

Baby A had her two month appointment yesterday. Everything went well for the most part. There were a couple of concerns that I had, which the doctor noticed immediately. One was her weight and the second was her belly button.

She is a small baby. She was born very petite and has been ever since. But that doesn't change the fact that she is very small. She loves to eat, and breastfeeding is going perfectly. But the doctor of course wanted to see her weight a little higher, which Mr. Man and I did too. I was hoping that the Wii was wrong when I weighed her two weeks ago, but it was not. She weighs only 8lbs and a few ounces, just under 8.5 pounds. There really is no reason at this point for her weight loss. Nothing that stands out. So we are trying a new system of feeding. Basically putting her on a strict routine and waking her even if she is napping for meals, including through the night. From the day we brought her home, she slept like a champ and still does. In the beginning, it was not a big issue since she was gaining weight like she needed to. However, now it is a different story. And we also have to add in the fact that she is an active little monster. She has been very squirmy, more than most, since she was born. Everyone commented on how alert she was and how she was feisty. With all that in mind, the doctor thinks it may be a combination of her activeness and love to sleep that has contributed to this. So now, I just have to make sure I am feeding her every 2 hours and through the night. Of course, we discussed my milk and there was no signs on anything going on with it. We discussed my diet, and no signs that anything was wrong with it. But the doctor suggested that I up my calorie intake by another 600 because I have a high metabolism. If I am burning calories just as fast as she is, then that is that much less she is taking in. So I have decided to stop working out to stop from burning so many calories. I have also increased my intake. We are going to try this for a week and see what happens.

Next is her belly button. When her umbilical cord got ready to fall off, only some of it did. When we went in for her 2 week appointment, we brought this up to the doctor. The doctor said that it was ready to completely fall off so he put this chemical on it that would help it. It took only a day for the rest to fall off, but when it did, the inside was still a little wet and did not look like it was completely healed. It held moisture and looked wet. We called the doctor's office and they told us it was normal and over time it would heal. Well it never did. When I brought her in yesterday, the doctor looked at it and said that it was too moist. I asked if baths could be contributing to it, and he said no he did not think so. He really did not have an answer for it other than that some babies will get cysts under the belly button. So we scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound for tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. Most importantly I hope we find out what is causing this. I questioned the doctor over and over about what he thought it could be if not a cyst. He didn't seem to think it was a cyst. But he did not have an answer. He just said that the next step would be blood work, but that was it.

Other than that things went well. She smiled and laughed at him. She played on the table. Her brain development and head growth seemed right on, as well as her length. The only issue was the weight. She still wears most of her newborn stuff except for her sleepers. She is currently over 9 weeks old. Hopefully all this other stuff will work itself out and not be much of a worry. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly!

Please say a little prayer for Baby A regarding the belly button... well and the weight :)

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  1. Aww, I feel your pain. My daughter was only 8 pounds at her 2 month appointment as well. Per doctor's orders, she was put on a strict 2 hour nursing schedule. We did that for SIX months before we could relax and go with the flow again. It may have been time consuming, but it worked. It got her back on the weight charts! Good luck to you!


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