Monday, June 27, 2011

Cloth Diapering: Basics

I have had a lot of emails asking me if we are still cloth diapering and other basic questions of cloth diapering, so I thought as I got time I would write out a blog post and hopefully get all the questions answered. But if you still have more questions or would like to see a diaper I have been put on my daughter, please let me know. I can try to do a video review or take gradual pictures. Whichever I can find the time for. And by no means am I a pro. I am just beginning just like any normal person, but I will give my best to give my opinions and experiences to you.

The first question is if we are still cloth diapering. The answer is - Yes! I absolutely love cloth diapering. I have even began to venture out to other techniques and styles as I have decided to cloth diaper full time. In the beginning, I was only going to cloth diaper at home and use disposables when we went out and on vacations. But I immediately fell in love, as so did Mr. Man, so I have been purchasing more travel friendly diapers to try out.

This next question is a very common question. One that I also had when I first started with the idea of cloth diapering. Also one that drove me away from wanting to cloth diaper. Many of you know I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to do it. I felt overwhelmed by the options, by the price, and by the YouTube videos I saw of other Moms doing it. Advice... Like I said before, I am not a pro. I have only been doing this for a couple of months, BUT - Let me tell you, first, that if you want to cloth diaper, try it out for yourself. Do not be intimidated by it, do not invest too much many into it (if you are unsure about it), but please do take the time to buy quality and easy diapers to get you started. Then venture out to the more time consuming, more pieces, more varieties when you are settled in the thought of cloth diapering. My advice to getting started is simple. I would first choose your style (to me, pockets seemed the easiest). Then invest in a good brand name diaper. One that has great reviews and is reliable. Buy two or three or however many you want. Try it out on your child first. The worst thing you could do in the beginning when you are on edge is overwhelm yourself. I have to be honest that cloth diapering is not for everyone, but anyone can do it. It just takes finding the right diaper for you.

In my case, I knew which type of diapers I wanted. I never thought I would venture out farther because I was "afraid" of it. However, once I got my feet wet, I took off running with it. Here is a small list of some top brand cloth diapers that would be worth being a start to your cloth diaper stash: FuzziBunz, BumGenius, and Rumparooz. Now, I have to say that I would go with BumGenius or FuzziBunz over the Rumparooz. Now these 3 brands all offer an AIO (All-In-One), Hybrid, or OS (One Size) Pocket style diaper.

Ok, now Baby A is asking for her Mommy, so I will end there and carry on as soon as I get the chance on what you will need to cloth diaper. See you again soon!

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