Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Jerkface - (n.) a person or thing that annoys me.

For example:

Facebook is a 'jerkface'. Simply because it never works for me. Maybe because Mr. Man is using it will in Korea, or maybe because it is just retarded, but whatever the case... it's a 'jerkface'.

People who complain about something someone else does, then that someone tries to fix it, and then the person doesn't acknowledge it. (Did you get all of that?) They are a 'jerkface'.

People who vent about other people on Facebook where they can see it. But the poster never flat out puts the person's name.... 'Jerkface'.

When my computer decides to lock up while I am typing up a paper... 'Jerkface'.

When it starts pouring down raining while I am walking to a friend's house for a baby shower with the baby.... 'Jerkface'.

Get the picture?

'Jerkface' has become a recent new word of mine, and it's quite hilarious when I say it out loud. Which I did for the first time today. Normally, I just think it in my head or text it to a friend. Nope, this time I said it out loud!

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