Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Top Toys for 6-9 Months

With Christmas coming up, I thought I would start some posts of my favorite toys that we have had for the different ages. This post is for 6-9 month, which is where E is right now. I think for 3-6 months the list is simple. Rattles, teethers, soft blocks, play mats, and so forth for them to learn to grab. This is when they really start to play and figure out buttons and so on.

Both of my girls really loved the crib and floor mirror. When A went through a phase of hating her carseat, I velcroed it to the handle of her seat. Babies are always fascinated with looking at themselves, and my girls are no different!

This phone is probably one of our top used toys by both girls. In fact, it gets so much use that I have considered buying a second one. Baby E has already figured out how to press the buttons. The size is perfect for E to hold and play with and it looks realistic in the sense of size so A likes to carry it in her purse. 

This ball was a hit with both girls. A received it for her first Christmas. It has not stopped being used since. I put it away for some time while I was pregnant just so it wouldn't get overused and A wouldn't get tired of seeing it. We brought it back out when E was about 3 or 4 months old, and they are both using it regularly! It encourages crawling, has lots of sounds, fun buttons, animals, and more. 

These balls are amazing. I wish I would have had them sooner. These were a gift to E on her first Easter this year. They have been a hit with both girls since. A really loves to make them make their nose for E. Now that E is old enough to figure it out herself, she does. 

This book is also a hit with both girls. It has a button that lights up and tells the story. It also asks for the reader to find things on each page. It also plays music. This is one of my favorites, and I plan to get more for E for Christmas and her birthday. 

This kitchen. Oh this kitchen. This was a gift for A's first Christmas at 8 months. This little guy has been a first favorite for both girls. E started playing with it constantly at 6 months. She still LOVES it. Our problem is that A still loves it, too. She now can do the shape sorting, so she hides it in her room. When E goes in there, it is the first thing she reaches for and sometimes A doesn't like that. 

This is another very very big favorite in our house. It has a couple of settings for learning and playing. When you push the head down, it zooms across the floor. The faster you push it, the faster the music plays. It also lights up. 

This is still a favorite for A. E is just now getting to where she will play with it. She really doesn't understand to press the top to make the balls move around, but she loves that it has a handle and she can carry it around. She will hold it and crawl around. Then she will sit and shake it. A likes to press the top for her, and E laughs her head off. 

My Mom got this for A's first Christmas. I had never saw it or knew anything about it. Once it became a favorite in our house, I did some research for reviews and found that it is a favorite amongst many parents and children. It tosses the balls and plays music. The balls go through the mouth, then you put them back in the tail to make it back in the middle to bounce and start the music. The shaker on the front also activates it to bounce the balls and play the music. 

The famous laptop. When A started seeing us use our laptop, she always wanted it. I knew we had to get her. Fair enough, she got one for her first birthday from a friend. She actually got a couple versions of laptops, but this was the first she could relate to and understand. She would discuss the pictures on it and press the buttons. The mouse also moves, and it has three settings. 

These are definitely a favorites in our house, and ones that will stay around for a while. In fact, I even told Mr. Man that they may be around for any future children because I really  love how they were favorites with both of the girls. It makes me feel like they are really great quality toys. 

If you are planning a Christmas for a baby around this age, I highly recommend these products!! 

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